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Program Management

Most simplified program and class management system.

Effectively manage the educational programs conducted by your center with iCare. Whether you run pre-school, after-school or enrichment programs, iCare is the best solution for the management of schedules, enrollments and bills. Program management with iCare reduces the time and effort you spend on the administrative and managerial activities.

Application has been programmed to fit all your business needs. You may setup various programs with ease and coordinate the integration of different activities. Streamline the enrollment process and reduce the repetitive tasks of scheduling.

Simplify the enrollment and scheduling process

  • Easily set up all your childcare and school-age programs. Let parents or administrators enroll the children.
  • With the least effort you’ll be able to control enrollment, class capacity, scheduling, staffing, and tuition fee billing.

Manage Child-teacher ratio

  • Create age-based rooms to manage child-teacher ratio. Link various programs with rooms to control age-based enrollments.

Manage Capacity:

  • Set a limit over which children cannot be enrolled in a program. Capacity management helps you assign a specific number of teachers over the enrolled children.

Manage Scheduling:

  • Schedule the programs, set start and end dates with schedule timing.

Manage Default Bills:

  • Set up default fee and billing periods for the program. Default fee could be an amount or a pre-set rate chart. Default Bills are charged to the enrolled children only.

Manage Enrollments:

  • Enroll children and staff in various Programs in a two-step process. Discharge children with ease.

Manage Parental Options:

  • Allow parents to enroll children online and custom their schedules using Parental Options.
  • Plan and manage enrollments using secondary reports from iCare Report Center.
  1. Slot Availability Report: Summary of slot availability per half an hour for the day.
  2. Future Enrollments: List of children enrolled for a future date.
  3. Room Planning Report: Summary of available rooms with their capacity, enrolled children and staff, and next spot opening and closing dates
  4. Children’s Age Projection Report: Project the age of the registered children on a particular date.
iCare Software

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