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Better Parent Teacher Communication: So Vital to Your Success in so Many Ways

Keep parents informed to create customer loyalty, make a parent's day with classroom notes and photos, have parents and teachers engage to better understand children’s needs, and massively cut your work through automated alerts and notifications like an immunization shot is coming in 30 days.
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iCare empowers your team to build stronger relationships with families, and keeps parents informed. It helps you create customer loyalty, and makes a parent’s day with classroom notes and photos. It allows teachers and parents to engage, better understand children’s needs, and massively cut your workload through automated alerts.


Alerts & Notifications

Free up your precious time with automated alerts and notifications. A tool to keep teachers, administrators and parents up-to-date with real-time information.



Real-time chat between teachers and parents allows you to build trust, strengthen relationships, and gain insights about your students.

iCare software to manage students enrollments

Email & Text

Keep parents informed with our quick and easy communication tools. With a few clicks any parent can be updated on their child's progress with access to class notes, photos, upcoming events and more.


Calendars & Bulletin Boards

There are things one can do with emails and chat messages. But events are best handled when posted on a calendar. No more trying to remember dates and times for events or continuously reminding people.


Photo Sharing

Nothing makes a parent's day better than seeing a picture of their child at play or one of what they just created. Instantly, share photos with the parents. Soon, they’ll start anticipating the ding on their phones.

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