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Childcare Center Management Software

Busing is a time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. Let drivers check in and out children on their phones, and the attendance list will tell who is scheduled for the day.

  • Create buses by schools or route
  • Assign children to buses
  • Drivers to batch check them in at pickup
  • Print roster sheets

Parents can see your lesson plans, and you can update them easily week by week. iCare’s lesson plan page is easy to use, so you’ll be able to build parent engagement in no time.

  • Create daily curriculums by age or rooms
  • Expand the curriculums into weekly lesson plans
  • Document children’s performance for the lessons covered
  • Parents can view all of this data and can communicate with the teachers through chat

iCare’s dashboard helps you spend less time on the computer and more time doing the things you love. The dashboard adds another valuable tool to iCare’s automation and reports. A quick 2-min spend a couple of times a day will give you a great peace of mind on how things are going.

  • Performance dashboard
  • School calendar/bulletin board for staff and parents with sharing and privacy options
  • Alerts dashboard

The iCare database is developed with the highest design principles, and the best procedures are used in its upkeep.

  • Highly engineered database for consistency, performance, and data modeling principles
  • Privacy options for main contacts giving rights to secondary contacts
  • Option for parents to share their contact info with cohort parents 
  • Extensive audit trail and change history management
  • Meeting HIPPA, FERPA and SOC-2 compliance standard

The drop-in services page in iCare is a convenient space for the cashier and admin roles to manage point-of-sale business. It includes check-in, billing, payments, children’s special needs, special day/times like Friday and Saturday nights, prepaid packages, sale of sundry items and drop-in licensing constraints on attendance.

  • A point-of-sale system especially designed for drop-in functions
    • Check-in and out by parents or cashiers
    • Instant billing and payment entry
    • Allergy and special needs alert
    • Daily, weekly, and monthly attendance limits management to meet drop-in licensing requirements
  • Unlimited active capacity for children and families so even infrequently attending children don’t have to be unenrolled and re enrolled repeatedly
  • Prepaid packages
  • Special drop-in related features in billing and rate chart 
    • Mommy’s day out special rate
    • Special day and time-bound rate; for example, Friday nights
    • Max and min cap on the charge for the day
    • Sibling and other discounts automatically calculated even when different siblings come in and out through the day

The iCare Graphical Staff Scheduler is the perfect tool for scheduling your employees. It is extensively developed with all the functions you need in one place. Very quickly you can schedule your staff correctly for each slot for today and the future. There’s nothing like it anywhere. Finally, you’ll conquer this problem completely.

  • A simple graph shows number of children and staff scheduled (or checked in if planning today) with over and under numbers
  • Click to add or drag to change staff schedules to easily match the required ratios
  • Handle children’s schedules day-to-day, week-to-week or weekly recurring
  • Get unique optimal schedules day to day in 30-min intervals

A simple setup helps teachers quickly enter their students’ daily activities, and streamlining development notes according to state guidelines improves parent-teacher engagement.

  • Activity and development notes by teacher by selecting instead of typing for repeated instances
  • Streamlining notes through categories, sub-categories, auto-fill notes, and assessments
  • Prefilled state recommended or Montessori development guidelines
  • Daily reports emailed to parents
  • Ding to parents’ phones when new note in posted
  • Main contact can share the journal with grandparents or other contacts

The iCare data structure, transactions, reports, and user roles were built to make running a multi-site operation even easier.

  • Multi-site management – site-separated or consolidated data
  • User permissions management – various admin, teacher and parent roles
  • Different site and corporate roles
  • Children and staff can enroll or attend programs/classes at sites other than their home site
  • The Date Picker Scheduler in iCare is a full-scale landing page where an admin or parents have all the tools they need for scheduling, reviewing, billing, and controlling. It’s a must have for any after-school program that allows random day’s scheduling.

    • Type of day picker on a monthly calendar. For example, AM, PM1, PM2 type scheduling
    • Handling special rates for school closing days, half-days, and holidays
    • Convert check-in times to type of day for handsfree, accurate billing
    • Manage multiple sites with different offerings and rates
  • Ding to parents’ phones when new note in posted
  • Main contact can share the journal with grandparents or other contacts

Do you find it difficult to analyze or find home visitation notes? The iCare Home Visit Case Tool is a simple and easy-to-use program but it has a very useful feature set.

  • Keep extremely detailed record of each home visit
  • With a lot of the data filling automatically from provider and families profile and from the previous visit, the data entry by the support specialist is tremendously simplified
  • A searchable, printable chronological history of all visits
  • User-defined fields to easily add more trackable data
  • Preset tracking fields include enrollment records, adults presents at the time of the visit, observations/discussions/technical support in the visit, curriculum theme, topics to be followed up, ongoing technical assistance, program requirements, certification requirements, forms completed, and profiles of assistants present

The family’s main contact can add children and contacts using the Privacy Shield icon and share data with the secondary contacts.

Each contact login credentials. A main contact in one family can also be a secondary contact in another family. When a contact logs in, they are asked to choose between their primary or secondary roles. If logging in as a secondary contact, the role is decided according to the Privacy Settings.

A secondary contact could be part of a split account for a child, in which case, the secondary contact will see their part of the ledger and can make a payment toward for the account.

Available Privacy Settings

A parent or admin can set these for each family:

  • Allow secondary contacts to see family data
  • Share child’s Journal with secondary contacts
  • Share child’s photos with secondary contacts
  • Allow secondary contacts to chat with teachers
  • Share contact info with other parents in children’s groups

Get the iCare self-registration button code and have your webmaster add it to your website or let our engineer do it for you. New parents just have to click on that button. They’ll receive an email with login credentials. If you set the On-HOLD flag, new registrants will be treated as leads. You can then nurture the leads in any way you like—record, school visits, phone calls, set priorities, manage required documents, or track anything else needed. When spots become available, you can simply remove the ON-HOLD flag to activate the child while keeping all the records intact from the on-hold period.

  • Use the provided code to add the self-registration button on your website
  • New parents click on the registration link and start the registration process, which takes them through entering the family data, filling and signing required documents, and enrolling their children in programs
  • If the On Hold flag is on then the entered data is saved but an admin has to review the data and confirm the registration
CRM/Lead Management
  • Document interaction history for leads – school visits, phone calls, and collected documents
  • Get status on leads
  • Assign priorities to leads – first come or some other factor
  • Easily convert leads to confirmed registrations and send email to the parent to complete the enrollment

Center Management Roles

The role management feature allows you to set what people can see and do. There are 3 basic roles – admin, teacher and parent; however, within these roles you can designate specialized roles to further manage user rights. A few of the standard preset roles are:

  • Center admin
  • Admin
  • Assistant Admin
  • Teacher
  • Assistant Teacher
  • Parent
  • Driver and other staff


In permissions setup, you can grant role access for various features. Preset permissions include:


  • Can view contact data
  • Have full access to the Journal features
  • Can share photos
  • Can chat
  • Cannot access Settings
  • Cannot access accounting
  • Can add children and secondary contacts in their family
  • Can edit their profile data and upload documents
  • Can view their account but not make a change
  • Can pay by credit card or ACH
  • Can set up direct deposit
  • Can view Journal and photos
  • Can like a photo
  • Can chat


  • Can view, edit, add or delete anything, except design-level features
  • Can access Settings

Our Staff Management features give you the management tools you need to make your job easier.

  • Databases manages active, inactive, and standby staff
  • Standard and unlimited user-defined fields 
  • Track CORI checks, CDA, first aid training, etc

Graphical Staff Scheduler

  • A simple graph shows number of children and staff scheduled (or checked in if planning today) with over and under numbers
  • Click to add or drag to change staff schedules to easily match the required ratios
  • Handle children’s schedules day-to-day, week-to-week or weekly recurring
  • Get unique optimal schedules day to day in 30-min intervals

Each state has developed its own set of guidelines/standards for children’s development. We have digitized those and made them available in iCare with the State Recommended Development Standards feature.

If the State Development Guidelines are turned on and teachers enter development notes according to the guideline

  • See how each child is doing in accordance to the guidelines
  • Find patterns in the data to show how groups of children are doing
  • Pull assessment data to find deficiencies and modify your curriculums


With user-defined fields you can track any special information you need, and create customized reports to use those fields on.

Our Virtual Classroom platform is a simple, secure, and billable way to facilitate an online classroom.

  • It is a video conferencing feature
  • Any number of teachers can start their own virtual classrooms simultaneously
  • Upon starting, a notification is sent to the parents of the children in their program
  • Children can join on any device
  • The teacher and children are all connected with their video and voice. Children can be muted or unmuted as needed by the teacher
  • Teachers can share their screen to show children the teaching material

Managing the waitlist for a childcare program is essential to your program’s success. iCare helps you communicate with parents and manage waitlists.

  • For each program/class set the capacity and turn the waiting list flag on
  • If the capacity is full, parents will have the option to put on waiting list
  • When the capacity is full, admins have the option to put on waiting list or override the capacity and enroll the child 
  • All the waitlisted children can be found in the enrollment report along with the order in which they were waitlisted
  • One or more selected children can be removed from the waitlist and enrolled with just 1 click of a button


Bring together owners, administrators, teachers and parents with one childcare app.