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There is no childcare management software like iCare.

The functional breadth and depth you need for running your business efficiently and more profitably. The utmost modern technology for positioning your business ahead of the competition. An interface you'll love. And the automation and ease of use that will save you hours every week.

Get onboarded in a flash. Our customer success managers are there for you all the way.

Monthly Cost Per Site 1, 2

New active enrollment

Center/ Preschool/ Montessori

Drop-in 3

Afterschool Care/ Enrichment Classes




Active Enrollment Capacity

< 30


Unlimited active capacity but subject to casual care attendance regulations and daily cap. < 25


Active Enrollment Capacity

< 100


Active Enrollment Capacity

< 250



Active Enrollment Capacity

31 - 70


Active Enrollment Capacity

25 - 50


Active Enrollment Capacity 100 - 250


Active Enrollment Capacity

250 - 500



Active Enrollment Capacity

71 - 125


Active Enrollment Capacity

51 - 100


Active Enrollment Capacity 251 - 500


Active Enrollment Capacity 501 - 1000
Very-Large & Multi-Site

1 All subscriptions require 12 month commitment. Pay monthly or pay upfront and get 2 months free! Contract renews automatically. You may cancel in writing at the end of your service agreement. (See Service Agreement.)

2 Ask your consultant about competitive price match.

3 Unlimited active capacity but subject to casual care attendance regulations and daily cap.

Save 10% to 20% on Payment Processing

(Payment Processing Monthly Cost Comparison Sample)

Enrollment Capacity: 90 children

Monthly Tuition Fee: $1,000 per Child; Total Monthly Revenue: $90,000

Amount processed by Credit Cards: 50%; Monthly Amount Processed: $45,000

(Average 2.5%)

Other vendors and payment portals
(Average 2.95%)

Credit Card Processing Fee



4 Estimated fee shown for regular credit cards. Actual fee will depend on card types, overall volume, average ticket, credit score, and whether the fee is charged to the center or parents.

5 You can completely eliminate the processing fee by passing it to the parents.

Included Features


Center/ Preschool/ Montessori




Childcare Center Management Tools

A comprehensive management solution for your business.

FOR OFFICE: Registration, enrollment, waiting list, attendance, scheduling, billing, accounting, and recordkeeping.

FOR CLASSROOM: Journaling, activity notes, curriculum, and development guidelines and standards.

Family and Staff Database

A complete customer-relationship management (CRM) system that allows cross-linked families with multiple children and contacts.

It includes many fields and parameters to help you manage children’s needs, build relationship with parent, meet licensing needs, and manage any other data you need.

Manage staffing with enrollments, payroll, and tracking certificates, training, and records.


If you have multiple sites, iCare allows you to manage them individually or collectively easily without the burden of moving data.

Staff can be assigned to an individual site or the corporate site giving them ability to see data of their site or all sites.

Recordkeeping Automation

iCare automates the collections of many types of records – registration paperwork, immunization shots, medical records, and documents needed for licensing. It reminds parents to complete their records online.


There are more than eighty primary and secondary reports in iCare. You’ll find both detailed and summary versions of most kinds of data you need for managing your center and making better decisions.


If there is no report for the data or view of data you need, iCare allows addition of unlimited number of custom reports with very little effort.

The Custom Reports feature includes an easy to use Query Writer that auto-fills query text so even with little or no knowledge of database and query language you can write your own queries.

Or, you can simply request iCare Tech Support to write the query for you.


iCare is rich in report making tools:
  • Smart search
  • Multi-criteria filtering
  • One-click sorting
  • Dashboard with tiles of quick data views
  • Adding and removing report columns
  • Pivot table tool for trends analysis
  • Built-in individual and batch actions
  • Report drilldown features
  • One-click export to Excel
  • Printer-ready formats and PDF versions

User-Defined Fields, Forms and Electronic Documents

User-Defined Fields: Any type and any number of UDFs can be added in any number of collections (sections/pages).

Electronic Documents: Any number of documents can be set for parents to upload or fill.

Google Forms: You can also create Google Forms and integrate them into iCare.

Any of the above records can be tagged as required so iCare will automatically ensure that they are updated timely by the parents.

User Role

Several levels of roles can be set for admins, teachers, and parents giving you ability to control what people can see and do at a finely granulated detail.


Allows the main contact in the family to share different categories of their data with other contacts in the family including their account, option to pay, and profile records.

Parents can also choose to share their contact information with other cohort parents.


For important transactions, along with the transaction data, iCare also keeps the change history. It logs who did the transaction and when.

The change history is available through reports. For example, if an entry in the ledger is voided or an attendance record is modified, you’ll know who did that and when.


Center/ Preschool/ Montessori




Touchless Check-In

Free app for parents and staff to check in and out via their phone without touching anything. And you do not have to purchase anything – scanner, cards, or other devices.

Lobby App

Easy check-in solution that runs on any device – laptop, tablet, or phone. It can operate from lobby, bus, classroom, and for curbside pickup.

Signature & Photo Authentication

Available in the Lobby App. When turned on for every check in and out a signature and picture will be captured as authentication of that attendance record.

Daycare Door Security System

Requires purchase of wireless relay switch from us. When installed and connected to the electric door strike, it buzzes the door open automatically when people check in and out.


Can ask daily or onetime questions to parents through the Lobby App. Examples:

Daily Questions: Lunch choice for the day? Was you child coughing or have fever in the last 24 hours?

Onetime Questions: Would you like to send your child to the Children’s Museum next Wednesday? Will you attend the open house on Saturday, the 10th?

Batch Check-In

Feature allows teachers to check in or out a group of children at the same time. Examples: Afterschool children coming at 3 pm or children going to gym from home room at 10 am.

Staff Payroll Report

This report lets you choose any start or end date for your payroll period and overtime by the day or week. You can print the report and have staff sign it as confirmation or email it to your payroll processor.

Center/ Preschool/ Montessori




Rooms and Programs

Rooms and programs are the building blocks of your business’s setup in iCare.

ROOMS: Rooms are physical spaces, which are licensed for capacity and age limits. Licensing also determines the teacher-child ratios for each room.

PROGRAMS: Programs are your offerings; for example, Pre-K 3 Day Full Time or Pre-K 5 Day Half Time. Both may be offered in the Pre-K room and subject to its constraints. Programs are made of many design factors but most importantly a schedule and the fees.

Programs/Classes Manager

The Programs/Classes structure in iCare includes the following:

  • Weekly scheduling model; for example, 5 Day AM
  • Default bills; for example, weekly, monthly, hourly, or daily rate; billing by schedule, attendance, or a combination; and connection to a rate chart
  • Capacity
  • Options for parents

The programs schedule and bills are applied to the child’s profile when enrolled in that program.

Afterschool Manager

A complete system for managing afterschool care that includes:


  • Scheduling and billing
  • Monthly calendar format for picking a schedule of arbitrary or recurring days
  • Special overrides for school closing and half days
  • Rate chart modeler
  • Capacity control

Drop-in Manager (POS)

A deeply built solution for managing drop-in care including:


  • Cashier role for quick POS transactions
  • Rate chart modeler
  • Pre-paid hours packages
  • Pre-paid discounts
  • Membership
  • Handling of mommy’s day out type specials
  • Combinations of fulltime (preschool like programs) and drop-in
  • Coupons
  • Management of drop-in licensing regulations

Drop-in Reservations

An easy way to pick up extra revenue for open slots. This lets parents find and book open slots.

Staff Scheduling Manager

An interactive, graphical solution for scheduling staff.

Staffing being the biggest cost for the center, optimal scheduling is critical for the success and profitability of the center.

CACFP Management

Track CACFP eligibilities and up to 6 meals per day.

Center/ Preschool/ Montessori




Automated Billing

Maximize revenue with iCare’s accurate and full automated billing system, which includes:

  • Start or stop the recurring bills anytime
  • Flex period options – hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly, etc.
  • Flat rates or rates connected to rate charts
  • Schedule or attendance-based charges
  • Overage charges when attendance is beyond scheduled hours and days

Direct Deposit

Automated recurring payment collection set by admin or parent. It includes the following features:

  • Start or stop anytime
  • Credit card or ACH option
  • Flex period options – weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly
  • Automatic updates of expiration dates*

Rate Chart Modeler

More than 30 factors that can be set to calculate bills dynamically. Examples:

  • Number of schedules or attended hours and days
  • Number of siblings attending
  • Bracketed income levels
  • Age-based rates
  • Program or enrollment type
  • Membership type
  • Special days or hours

Billing Overage

For flat charges like weekly or monthly that have a set schedule, charges for attendance beyond schedules is automatically calculated and posted.

Late Pick-up and Late Payment Fee

Charges for pickups after closing time or if payment is not made on time are calculated and posted automatically.

Billing Preview

This action report allows you to pull future bills for verification.

Lowest Processing Rates

With iCare you get a direct merchant account with the processing house. With no middleman involved you will save significantly on processing fee.

Batch Updates

There are several batch processes in iCare including accounting. Batch processes allow you to make multiple changes in a set. For example, post special charges or credits for all or selected group of children.

Subsidy/Copay Management

Children’s bills can be split into multiple subsidy and private accounts. With separate ledgers, these accounts are managed very easily. Posted transactions can even be transferred from one account to another; for example, when a charge disputed by that subsidy must be transferred to the parent.

Center/ Preschool/ Montessori





Journaling is a highly developed platform in iCare, which presents an organized way to implement development standards and engage parents. It will make a huge impact on children’s growth.

From a data entry and accessibility perspective, its standout features are:

  • With the autofill feature you can quickly enter activities and milestones reached without having to repeatedly typing the text
  • Parents can choose to instantly access the notes at any time of the day or wait to receive the Daily Report at the end of the day.

Instant Photos

Point your phone’s camera and just click and share photos of a child working, playing, or creating new art.

Parents can choose to instantly access the photos at any time of the day or wait to receive the Daily Report at the end of the day.

Virtual Classroom

An operations integrated online meeting system like Zoom but with integrated features like attendance, billing, and curriculum planning.

Teachers simply click to start a class, parents receive a ding on their phones, and simply log in and join the class.

In the Virtual Class, people can share their screen, raise hand to speak, mute themselves, and show the work they are doing.

An ideal solution for online circle time, story time, art, math, and language classes.

Development Guidelines and Standards

Every state and Montessori recommended development standards and guidelines are digitized and populated as templates in the iCare Journal.

You can add any of the templates in your account with just a click of a button.


It is easy to create grade reports with subjects as columns and associate them with classes and programs.

You can then enter grade assessments by weekly, monthly, quarterly, or arbitrary dates.

Assessments can be of any type; for example, letter grade: A+, A, and B+, descriptive: excellent, good, fair, improving, or anything else.


You can add a curriculum for each day of the week for each program.

This keeps parents informed about the activities of the day and lets them know where their child is at any given time of the day.


Center/ Preschool/ Montessori





Improve communication between admins, teachers, and parents through emails, texts, alerts, and notifications.

Email Service

Send individual or group emails. Choose one of many templates to quickly compose your email.

The Email Open Tracking Report will tell you who was delivered the email and who opened it.

SMS Texting

iCare uses a carrier-based SMS service, which makes texting completely free for you.

You can send individual or batch messages.


This feature allows chat between teacher, parents, and admins.

Unlike social media, all chat content in iCare is open to you so you can monitor its appropriateness.

Bulletin Board/ Calendar

The calendar is a great way of keeping everyone informed about future events like open houses, teacher meetings, and concerts, etc.

Calendar events can be shared with all or specific groups.

Daily Report

At the end of the day, if a child has any journal notes or new photos, the Daily Report is emailed to the parents.


Receive email notification regarding different activities that are happening. For example, a new family registered through your website, a parent made an online payment, or a parent enrolled a child in a class.


Receive SMS or email alerts for absences, registration checklists, document renewal, immunization due dates, and late payments.

Center/ Preschool/ Montessori




Parent Login childcare parent portal

Parents love being able to log in and view their account and activities. Letting them enter required data has a big effect on reducing your work.

You have complete control or what they can see and do using Role Management.

Here is a quick list of what parents can do:

  • Self-register
  • Maintain their profile information
  • Fill required documents including medical records and immunization records
  • View their ledger
  • Pay online
  • Set up Direct Deposit for automated recurring payments
  • View their child’s journal and see class photos
  • Join a Virtual Class
  • Be part of their children’s parents’ group

Teacher Login

Instantly improve a teacher’s role and your parents-teacher engagement by giving log in access to teachers.

Here is a quick list of what teachers can do:

  • Journaling – enter activity and development notes
  • Share class photos with parents
  • Check children in and out especially the before and after school children
  • Curriculum planning
  • Message or chat with parents or other teachers

Center/ Preschool/ Montessori




Placement Voucher Management

Placement Voucher Management

Placement Subsidy Billing

Placement Subsidy Billing

Private Co-pay Billing

Private Co-pay Billing

Provider Billing

Provider Billing

Transportation Billing

Transportation Billing

Attendance Management

Track all schedule types, attendance types, leave
types and transportation options for trouble-free
billing invoices. For example, FT, PT, FT/PT,
Absent of different type like Excused/Unexcused/Sick

Home Visits

Home Visits

Family Demographics

Family Demographics

Provider Demographics

Tracking licensing

Family and Group Daycare

We value your contribution to childcare and child development and want to help you succeed in your business.

With your signup of iCare you will get the entire center-based iCare system including recordkeeping
automation, billing, accounting, Direct Deposit, attendance, scheduling, children’s journal, photos, chat,
email and texting, lesson planning, and the CACFP reimbursement system.

You also get full personal support just like the large centers do.

Here is the special pricing we have for you.

Family Daycare (Up to an enrollment count of 6)

$25 per month; paid 1 year at a time. The yearly payment is $250 with 2 months off.

Group Daycare (Up to an enrollment count of 15)

$35 per month; paid 1 year at a time. The yearly payment is $350 with 2 months off.

The Most Excellent Customer Service You Can Want

You’re running a very tough childcare business. You need fast and clear answers to your questions. Delays is resolving
issues result in losses, lost opportunities, and wasted time for you. The success of your business means
everything to us.

You can expect far beyond just technical support from Team iCare. Understanding your business model
and needs and your pain points is what we do. Our onboarding team will get you started easily and
quickly. Services that you can expect:

  • Data migration and verification
  • Office setup – billing rules, direct deposits, and recordkeeping
  • Classroom setup – curriculum and milestones
  • Custom webinars for your staff or parents

Ask your iCare consultant for more details.

Migrating from Procare*? With a little help from you, we will transfer your data, walk you through, and have you Go Live in iCare in as little as one single day. 

Next day, parents and teachers will check-in into iCare using their old pins. And the following data will be all set for you: staff and family data, rooms and programs, enrollments, billing info, opening balances, accounting records from desired back data, attendance records, immunizations, and allergies.

* Migrating from something else? We will help you get going in almost the same way – quickly, with least effort and no downtime.

You can get immediate answers to your questions from an iCare expert. While chatbot, email and
customer support tickets are all helpful, you want the ability to talk to a real person when you need
help. The ways you can reach us are:

  • Live online chat
  • Email
  • Phone
  • A scheduled Hangout meeting
  • Online help: Training videos and knowledgebase/support forum
  • Customizable notifications
All this comes standard with your iCare signup.

To get the most out of implementing a management system you need to watch your performance
numbers very closely. Don’t have the time for this? Our customer success managers are there to help you
understand your numbers and reach highest level of efficiencies. Here’s a sample of reviews you can

  • Billing accuracy and completeness
  • Direct deposit payments and reconciliation
  • Efficient staff scheduling
  • Subsidy billing submittal
  • CACFP meals served data
  • Payroll hours reporting
  • Licensing inspection preparation
  • Communication and notifications setup
  • Curriculum planning

Ask your iCare consultant for more details.

Door Security System

  • Wireless Door Opener and Software: $245 (sold separately).
  • Secure your center using the iCare Door Switch and iCare Lobby. This is a secure check-in/check-out solution for parents and staff. Only authorized personnel can access iCare Door. Parents use a unique lobby password to check their child in and out. Turn on signature and photo capture to further authenticate your check-in data.

Software Licensing

  • License is based on the number of active children. There is no limit on the
    number of inactive/graduated children you can have. Your inactive/archived
    data is preserved so you can access it at any time.
  • No limit on the number of sites you can operate in one iCare database.
    Complete multi-site management is part of the iCare App.
  • Different levels of support services are available to fit your specific need. Contact or call at 978-266-0224.
  • Extensive library of training videos and knowledge base is available to help you master iCare very quickly.
  • You can also access the free trial/Sandbox to play around in the iCare App.

Licensing Terms