Monthly Childcare Software Pricing

There is no childcare management software like iCare.

The functional breadth and depth you need for running your business efficiently and more profitably. The utmost modern technology for positioning your business ahead of the competition. An interface you'll love. And the automation and ease of use that will save you hours every week.

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Included Features


Center/ Preschool/ Montessori




Childcare Center Management Tools

A comprehensive management solution for your business.

FOR OFFICE: Registration, enrollment, waiting list, attendance, scheduling, billing, accounting, and recordkeeping.

FOR CLASSROOM: Journaling, activity notes, curriculum, and development guidelines and standards.

Family and Staff Database

A complete customer-relationship management (CRM) system that allows cross-linked families with multiple children and contacts.

It includes many fields and parameters to help you manage children’s needs, build relationship with parent, meet licensing needs, and manage any other data you need.

Manage staffing with enrollments, payroll, and tracking certificates, training, and records.


If you have multiple sites, iCare allows you to manage them individually or collectively easily without the burden of moving data.

Staff can be assigned to an individual site or the corporate site giving them ability to see data of their site or all sites.

Recordkeeping Automation

iCare automates the collections of many types of records – registration paperwork, immunization shots, medical records, and documents needed for licensing. It reminds parents to complete their records online.


There are more than eighty primary and secondary reports in iCare. You’ll find both detailed and summary versions of most kinds of data you need for managing your center and making better decisions.


If there is no report for the data or view of data you need, iCare allows addition of unlimited number of custom reports with very little effort.

The Custom Reports feature includes an easy to use Query Writer that auto-fills query text so even with little or no knowledge of database and query language you can write your own queries.

Or, you can simply request iCare Tech Support to write the query for you.


iCare is rich in report making tools:
  • Smart search
  • Multi-criteria filtering
  • One-click sorting
  • Dashboard with tiles of quick data views
  • Adding and removing report columns
  • Pivot table tool for trends analysis
  • Built-in individual and batch actions
  • Report drilldown features
  • One-click export to Excel
  • Printer-ready formats and PDF versions

User-Defined Fields, Forms and Electronic Documents

User-Defined Fields: Any type and any number of UDFs can be added in any number of collections (sections/pages).

Electronic Documents: Any number of documents can be set for parents to upload or fill.

Google Forms: You can also create Google Forms and integrate them into iCare.

Any of the above records can be tagged as required so iCare will automatically ensure that they are updated timely by the parents.

User Role

Several levels of roles can be set for admins, teachers, and parents giving you ability to control what people can see and do at a finely granulated detail.


Allows the main contact in the family to share different categories of their data with other contacts in the family including their account, option to pay, and profile records.

Parents can also choose to share their contact information with other cohort parents.


For important transactions, along with the transaction data, iCare also keeps the change history. It logs who did the transaction and when.

The change history is available through reports. For example, if an entry in the ledger is voided or an attendance record is modified, you’ll know who did that and when.


Center/ Preschool/ Montessori




Touchless Check-In

Free app for parents and staff to check in and out via their phone without touching anything. And you do not have to purchase anything – scanner, cards, or other devices.

Lobby App

Easy check-in solution that runs on any device – laptop, tablet, or phone. It can operate from lobby, bus, classroom, and for curbside pickup.

Signature & Photo Authentication

Available in the Lobby App. When turned on for every check in and out a signature and picture will be captured as authentication of that attendance record.

Daycare Door Security System

Requires purchase of wireless relay switch from us. When installed and connected to the electric door strike, it buzzes the door open automatically when people check in and out.


Can ask daily or onetime questions to parents through the Lobby App. Examples:

Daily Questions: Lunch choice for the day? Was you child coughing or have fever in the last 24 hours?

Onetime Questions: Would you like to send your child to the Children’s Museum next Wednesday? Will you attend the open house on Saturday, the 10th?

Batch Check-In

Feature allows teachers to check in or out a group of children at the same time. Examples: Afterschool children coming at 3 pm or children going to gym from home room at 10 am.

Staff Payroll Report

This report lets you choose any start or end date for your payroll period and overtime by the day or week. You can print the report and have staff sign it as confirmation or email it to your payroll processor.

Center/ Preschool/ Montessori




Rooms and Programs

Rooms and programs are the building blocks of your business’s setup in iCare.

ROOMS: Rooms are physical spaces, which are licensed for capacity and age limits. Licensing also determines the teacher-child ratios for each room.

PROGRAMS: Programs are your offerings; for example, Pre-K 3 Day Full Time or Pre-K 5 Day Half Time. Both may be offered in the Pre-K room and subject to its constraints. Programs are made of many design factors but most importantly a schedule and the fees.

Programs/Classes Manager

The Programs/Classes structure in iCare includes the following:

  • Weekly scheduling model; for example, 5 Day AM
  • Default bills; for example, weekly, monthly, hourly, or daily rate; billing by schedule, attendance, or a combination; and connection to a rate chart
  • Capacity
  • Options for parents

The programs schedule and bills are applied to the child’s profile when enrolled in that program.

Afterschool Manager

A complete system for managing afterschool care that includes:


  • Scheduling and billing
  • Monthly calendar format for picking a schedule of arbitrary or recurring days
  • Special overrides for school closing and half days
  • Rate chart modeler
  • Capacity control

Drop-in Manager (POS)

A deeply built solution for managing drop-in care including:


  • Cashier role for quick POS transactions
  • Rate chart modeler
  • Pre-paid hours packages
  • Pre-paid discounts
  • Membership
  • Handling of mommy’s day out type specials
  • Combinations of fulltime (preschool like programs) and drop-in
  • Coupons
  • Management of drop-in licensing regulations

Drop-in Reservations

An easy way to pick up extra revenue for open slots. This lets parents find and book open slots.

Staff Scheduling Manager

An interactive, graphical solution for scheduling staff.

Staffing being the biggest cost for the center, optimal scheduling is critical for the success and profitability of the center.

CACFP Management

Track CACFP eligibilities and up to 6 meals per day.