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Imagine how easy it could be to do your job – arranging activities, tracking attendance, keeping records all in a few clicks?

iCare tailors a flexible, easy to use solution specifically to the needs of your business from reports to cash management.

Childcare Software Tailored
to Your Needs

Your business is unique in many ways – the type of center or school you are and the business rules and requirements you have. iCare is the most flexible, broad and deep app on the market. You can set it up to fit your business in minutes.

For administrators, iCare is a rich management software, and for parents and teachers, it is an app that empowers them to provide better care and development of children.

Bring together owners, administrators, staff and parents with one application.

  • Accounting, Billing, Payments: iCare thoroughly Integrates Financials and Operations: Accounting & Financials, Billing, Direct Deposit, Payment Processing, Subsidy, Copays, Voucher Billing and more.
  • Check-in & Attendance: Automated, authenticated check-in: Get attendance records for licensing audits, billing overage charges, subsidy reporting, CACFP, and pandemic protocol management.
  • Communication: Communication Tools to Bring All Your Stakeholders Together: Alerts & Notifications, Chat, Email, SMS Texting, Calendar & Bulletin Boards, Photo Sharing, and more.
  • Enrollment & Registration: Let parents or administrators enroll children. With little effort, you’ll be able to control every aspect of your childcare business including enrollment, class capacity, scheduling, staffing, and tuition billing.
  • Journal & Curriculum Planning: Enhance parent-teacher engagement with our journaling system: Curriculum and Lesson Plans, Daily Reports for tracking activities and development according to state guidelines, and preloaded State Recommended Development Standards and Guidelines.
  • Record keeping & Compliance: Automate the collections of many types of records – registration paperwork, immunization shots, medical records, and documents needed for licensing.
  • Reporting: With over 100 standard reports, iCare comes ready with almost any report you may need. Can’t find something you need? Add a custom report yourself or send a request to our support team.
  • Rooms, Programs and Classes: iCare Classroom Management reduces your workload and brings better outcomes for your office and classrooms: Bus scheduling, Drop-in Service, Scheduling, Home Visit Case Tool, Waitlist, Virtual Classroom, and more.
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One Application to Manage Your Entire Center

Run a more efficient Childcare Center!

A seamless operation is one that is consistent, coherent and smooth. More specifically, for a childcare center it means:

What we mean by a fully integrated App

An integrated application is one in which different features work together without requiring manipulation. Here are a few examples of integrated features in iCare:

  • A billing function runs attendance data against schedules and rate chart to accurately post the bills in parents’ ledgers and email them their invoice.
  • Another billing function checks clock data and accurately bills late pickup fees daily.
  • If a program or registration requires prepayment, parents are guided to the shopping cart and asked to pay before the enrollment or registration is confirmed.
  • Renewal periods of records – immunizations, yearly permissions, and physicals – are monitored and parents are notified for updates in a timely manner.
  • All generated data/transactions by any stakeholders – admins, teachers and parents – are instantly completed and are available in all modules.

Site Designation

All children and staff are registered in one home site. However, they can attend (check-in and out) at any site, on any day or enroll in programs/classes offered at other sites. Staff can check-out of one site and check in at another on the same day to fill for absent teachers.

Staff can be registered in the corporate site and get a corporate designation or to an operational site to only see the data for that site. Corporate staff can see data of all sites. They can either filter reports by site or switch their login site.

Data by Sites

Charges for programs/classes are posted under the site where they run. This allows you to get accurate revenues by site and program. All reports – attendance, ratios, schedules, revenue, payments, etc. – can be filtered by sites for site performance metrics.

All setup features – program, classes, sessions, rooms, rates, etc. – can be site specific. You can offer certain programs at each site, yet children registered at any site can attend.

You can add any number of operational sites in your iCare database. There is also one pre-built corporate site included in your database. Most business models are priced based on number of active children.

Multi-site Management

Center Management Roles

The role management feature allows you to set what people can see and do. There are 3 basic roles – admin, teacher and parent; however, within these roles you can designate specialized roles to further manage user rights. A few of the standard preset roles are:

  • Center admin
  • Admin
  • Assistant Admin
  • Teacher
  • Assistant Teacher
  • Parent
  • Driver and other staff

In permissions setup, you can grant role access for various features. 


  • Can view contact data
  • Have full access to the Journal features
  • Can share photos
  • Can chat
  • Cannot access Settings
  • Cannot access accounting


  • Can add children and secondary contacts in their family
  • Can edit their profile data and upload documents
  • Can view their account but not make a change
  • Can pay by credit card or ACH
  • Can set up direct deposit
  • Can view Journal and photos
  • Can like a photo
  • Can chat


  • Can view, edit, add or delete anything, except design-level features
  • Can access Settings

The family’s main contact can add children and contacts using the Privacy Shield icon and share data with the secondary contacts.

Each contact login credentials. A main contact in one family can also be a secondary contact in another family. When a contact logs in, they are asked to choose between their primary or secondary roles. If logging in as a secondary contact, the role is decided according to the Privacy Settings.

A secondary contact could be part of a split account for a child, in which case, the secondary contact will see their part of the ledger and can make a payment toward for the account.

Available Privacy Settings

A parent or admin can set these for each family:

  • Allow secondary contacts to see family data
  • Share child’s Journal with secondary contacts
  • Share child’s photos with secondary contacts
  • Allow secondary contacts to chat with teachers
  • Share contact info with other parents in children’s groups

The iCare Software web application has everything you need to manage your center effectively and efficiently.

Learn how childcare software can be an investment in growing and improving your bottom line.