iCare Software

No more paper rosters, no more missing check-in and out sheets. Get ready for your busy season with a summer camp app

Wouldn't it be nice if your clients could take care of registration, enrollment, and payments without your help? iCare Software does that and more.

Summer camp software that simplifies your operation.

Why spend hours with a clipboard at summer camp registration when you can save time and energy by automating the process online? Whether you’re a large camp with thousands of applications or a small camp with a small handful, we scale to fit your needs.

  • Camp Management
  • Camp Registration
  • Class Management
  • Engagement
  • Parent App
  • Payments and Billing

Camp software for everyone. Manage your camp schedule, contacts, staff, financials, customer acquisition, and analytics. No spreadsheets required.

  • Session-based enrollment management
  • Customized program scheduling
  • Flexible payment types
  • Parent-teacher communication is easier than ever
  • Attendance tracking software for each day and each session
  • Oversee transportation as needed
  • Schedule activities and ensure waivers are in place
  • Activities calendars

Child registration

  • Manage camp enrollment and offer a waiting list
  • Provide a registration checklist to ensure you have the necessary information
  • Take admin notes, so you have details at our fingertips
  • Multi-site management
  • Track camper health records and medications
  • Manage bookings like cancellations, waitlists, transfers and rescheduling


  • Instructors and staff can quickly access class roster and attendance
  • Track learning and development milestones through journaling notes
  • Enrichment and activity curriculum planning
  • Email messaging, automatic reminders and alerts
  • Chat with parents and staff
  • Make a parent’s day by sharing photos of their children’s activities
  • Secure contact less check-in
  • Access important reports and analytics

Parent app

  • Time saving registration for the whole family
  • Prioritize safety with secure contactless check-in
  • Parents pay for everything at once with online payments
  • Share pictures of children’s activities and milestones with parents to delight them and engage their families
  • Instant communication with real-time iCare Chat

Parent app

Parents can stay connected with their child throughout the day with the iCare Parent App.  See child’s activities and manage account in real time. Keep informed of daily classroom activities, view attendance records, make payments and more.

  • Child Registration
  • Enrollment
  • Manage Child Profile
  • Reserve a Spot
  • Journal
  • Check In and Out
  • Attendance
  • Accounting (Ledger and Billing)
  • Payments

Direct deposit

  • Offer unique billing options, including daily, half-day or weekly rates
  • Automate payment processing and receive payments via Direct Deposit
  • See financial reports to know how you’re doing
  • Process refunds and recurring charges

Bring together owners, administrators, teachers and parents with one childcare app.

Running Multi-Site, Multi-Program Camps

  • Run any type of sports, language, skills and educational camps
  • Manage multiple sites within one childcare app
  • Run sites independently but still get integrated reports
  • Move staff between sites without changing site designations

Marketing Your Camp

  • All entered family contacts active or inactive can be added to the campaign
  • You can email a message or flyer to one or more contacts
  • Find out who received and opened your email
  • Track the history of your marketing campaigns

Empowering Teachers and Coaches

  • Create a documented history of notes for better child development outcomes
  • Reach development milestones faster with improved teamwork
  • Admin portal supports team communication and collaboration

Parent Engagement

  • Develop a positive relationship through parent-teacher engagement
  • Build customer loyalty by sharing children’s photos and milestones with parents
  • Send messages through web-based childcare software
  • Text all parents enrolled with SMS

Learn how childcare software can be an investment in growing and improving your bottom line.