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Journal and Curriculum Planning

Parents want to know what their children are doing and how well they are progressing.

Parent-teacher engagement is important to improve student learning outcomes, but it’s difficult to engage with parents when you have a lot of other demands on your time.
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iCare Lesson Plans and Journaling helps you engage more with parents by digitizing parent-teacher engagement.

Journaling Features

  • Curriculum and Lesson Plans
  • Journal and Development Tracking of Activities
  • Learning and Development Guidelines/Standard (Milestones)
  • Grading

Ding Notifications

You can turn on Ding (SMS Texting) notifications to parents’ phones each time a Journal entry is posted. Otherwise, parents can log in into their iCare account and view their child’s journal. If turned on, parents will also receive the Daily Report by email every evening.

Lesson Plans and Developmental Tracking

Parents can see your lesson plans, and you can update them easily week by week. iCare’s lesson plan page is easy to use, so you’ll be able to build parent engagement in no time.

  • Create daily curriculums by age or rooms
  • Take a preset template and modify it according to your preferences
  • Expand the curriculums into weekly lesson plans
  • For the sake of quick data entry, fill a day’s activities from a curriculum and edit for specific notes
  • Document children’s performance for the lessons covered
  • Parents can view all of this data and can communicate with the teachers through chat

Journaling is a specific-information-sharing platform, where teachers can directly interact with the parents and keep them informed about the daily activities and developmental milestones of children. Every day, a Daily Report is sent to the parents with the record of the daily activities and advice on monitoring of activities, by teachers.

A simple setup helps teachers quickly enter their students’ daily activities, and streamlining development notes according to state guidelines improves parent-teacher engagement.

  • Activity and development notes by teacher by selecting instead of typing for repeated instances
  • Streamlining notes through categories, sub-categories, auto-fill notes, and assessments
  • Prefilled state recommended or Montessori development guidelines
  • Daily reports emailed to parents
  • Ding to parents’ phones when new note in posted
  • Main contact can share the journal with grandparents or other contacts

Examples of daily activities for different age groups:

  • Infants/Toddlers: feeding, diaper changes, diaper training, naps
  • Preschooler: circle time activity, gym, story time, art, social behavior
  • Kindergartners: art, craft, reading, writing, subject matter
  • Enrichment Classes: skill levels

Every state recommends learning and development guidelines and standards for improving the development outcomes in children. For example, Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS). These guidelines provide a list of desired outcomes, what observations to records, and how to measure/evaluate whether a child has achieved the outcome.

We have digitized those and made them available in iCare with the State Recommended Development Standards feature. If the State Development Guidelines are turned on and teachers enter development notes according to the guideline

  • See how each child is doing in accordance with the guidelines
  • Find patterns in the data to show how groups of children are doing
  • Pull assessment data to find deficiencies and modify your curriculums

 These guidelines are available in iCare as downloadable templates, which are:

  • Template for each state’s Early Learning and Development Guidelines/Standards
  • Maria Montessori method
  • Baseline iCare default age-based templates

Grades are best fit for classes. You can enter letter grades (A+, B-) or numbers/marks (85/100) on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Grades and Activities are the two parts of Journaling. A few of the Grading features are:

  • Easily set up any number or any type of grade report
  • Designate grade reports to age groups or programs
  • Enter grades and decide whether to publish them or not for the parent

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