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Check-in & Door Security Lobby App

Reliable and secure. Anytime, anywhere check-in

Hassle free smart app for check in. With the iCare Lobby App you can check-in from any device from anywhere – Lobby/classroom/curbside/car/bus.
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Contactless Check-in Childcare App

  • iCare Lobby App: Check-in from Any Device from Anywhere – Lobby, classroom, curbside, or bus. The Open Lobby step is an assurance that no unauthorized person can open the Lobby and enter attendance.
  • Wireless Door Opener: The Lobby App works in conjunction with our wireless door switch for automatically opening the door for authorized people to enter the premises.
  • Signature and Photo Validation: Other methods for validating attendance are the signature and photo authentication for checking in and out.
  • Messaging: to the Lobby
  • Lobby Questions: feature for getting answers from parents for things like field trip sign-up, and lunch choice of today.
  • Check-in Tickets
  • Payment Processing for Drop-ins: feature for convenience to drop-in service.

Mobile Check-in App

Our mobile app for contactless childcare check-in uses geolocation, the mobile app opens on parents’ smartphones when they reach your childcare center. Parents select which of their enrolled children to check-in for that day. Then they click the check-in button. It’s that simple.

The attendance information parents enter on the app is visible immediately. Those with access to see attendance data will see the check-in.

Teachers inside the classroom can see a list of their students who have checked in. Childcare staff can run reports on children in attendance to better understand cash flow and billing for the month. And parents get the peace of mind knowing that their childcare center is doing all that it can to keep people safe. Everyone wins!

How the contactless check-in mobile app works

The pandemic has brought many changes and inconveniences. And we live with these changes daily. We knew that the contactless check-in mobile app needed to be simple if parents were going to comply and use it. And it couldn’t be complicated for preschool software administrators to set up.

Here’s a step-by-step look at how the check-in system works:

  1. Administrators go to the iCare childcare software settings and add their location.
  1. Parents download the free iCare Software Check-in mobile app to their smartphones. Then they enter their iCare Software login credentials.
  1. Once inside the building, the application uses their location to open the mobile app and remind them to check-in. The parent will see a listing of their children enrolled at the center. They click check-in next to each child’s name who is in attendance that day.
  1. The parent then answers a question about the child’s temperature. They’ll also answer a question about common COVID-19 symptoms.
  1. If they mark a high temp or symptoms, the childcare administrator gets an alert.

And, if your childcare center has the wireless iCare door switch, the door to the classroom opens automatically when the parent clicks the “Check-in” button on the app.

Check our YouTube videos to learn more about the iCare Check-in Lobby App:

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