iCare Software
Accounting, Billing and Payments

Every organization benefits from efficient and well-managed finances and your center or school is no exception.

To ensure that you are operating in the best financial state, iCare’s accounting software offers features specific to your needs.
Attendance tracking


Our system has accounting based on ledger, simple like your bank statement. Debits and credits are handled on a first-in and first-out basis. The Receivables Ledger is backed by a General Ledger and Chart of Accounts, making it easy to connect with a third-party financial system you may be using.

It also includes Subsidy Accounting, Financial Reports, and Tax Reporting.

Health records


A key to the success of your business is billing accuracy. This requires understanding and coding your billing rules correctly and producing accurate and timely bills. Missed and inaccurate bills will invariably result in losses. Bill too much and the parents will catch it. Bill too little, may go unnoticed.

iCare has industry’s most thoroughly developed billing automation that produces accurate results consistently.



Eliminate late payments & bad debt with a solid child care payment solution that automates payments through Direct Deposit.

Direct Deposits will collect your weekly or monthly payments as soon as the bills are posted. Also, with a Global Payment merchant account you will save substantially on processing fee.

iCare’s accounting software offers Accounting, Billing & Payments features that can help you operate in the best financial state for your business.

Learn how childcare software can be an investment in growing and improving your bottom line.