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Creating a support plan that recognizes the child’s individual needs sets them up for greater success.  This process will include:

  • Documenting children’s behavior
  • Choosing specific strategies to meet a child’s needs
  • Using a team approach to maximize success

Watch this on-demand recording to learn how you can develop support plans for children in your classroom.

There are several strategies to develop good classroom management habits. These strategies are easy to implement and will definitely help give you a successful start to the school year:

Watch this on-demand recording to learn how to built positive relationships, implement an engaging curriculum and design an appropriate environment.

There is no time to waste if you want to prepare your enrollment and billing operations for an efficient school year.

Watch this on-demand recording to learn how to organize your entire center with one system, simplify your processes, and gain back more time in your day.

Safety needs to be a priority in early childcare centers.

Watch this on-demand recording to learn how to ensure parents understand your efforts to keep their child safe, policy and procedures families and staff follow to establish a safe community, and technology options that can provide additional security for children and staff.

Attract and Retain Staff

To attract and retain staff, you need to try to keep your employees happy and motivated from day one, and then they’ll be more likely to stay for longer.

Watch this on-demand recording to learn why employees resign, how to attract and retain an early childcare workforce  and how to select the right candidate for your team.


Effective communication is the foundation of a positive work environment. A more personalized approach will ensure everyone receives information within your childcare center.

Watch this on-demand recording to find out how you can start successful communication within your Childcare Center.

iCare Childcare Software

Running a childcare center is not easy! It comes with a wide variety of responsibilities, such as daily administration, operations, meeting licensing requirements, and more.  

Watch this on-demand recording to find out how iCare Childcare Software can help manage and support your childcare center!

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