iCare Software
Check-in and Attendance Tracking

Managing attendance can be time-consuming and frustrating. Having the right records when you need them is key.

Our software decreases the headache of dealing with the administration so you can get back to solely caring for your children in peace.
Attendance tracking

Attendance Tracking

Are you sure your attendance data is authentic?

Are your attendance records absolutely complete and unquestionable for the licensing and subsidy audits?

The check-in methods in iCare, assure that people were actually present at your facility when they checked in, only authorized people can edit/change records, and if changed the change history is kept and is easily accessible.


Check-in and Door Security

Automated, authenticated check-in: Get attendance records for licensing audits, billing overage charges, subsidy reporting, and pandemic protocol management.

  • Touchless check-in app
  • Door security
  • Lobby app
  • Signature and photo capture for authentication
  • Lobby questions
  • Live teacher-child ratio ticker
  • Batch check-in
  • Staff payroll report

Health records

CACFP Food Program

If your childcare center provides snacks and meals to your students, you could be leaving money from the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) on the table.

The accuracy of billing and documentation to stand by the bills is what iCare provides every single month. iCare Software makes it easy to participate in and maximize the benefits of CACFP.

Learn how childcare software can be an investment in growing and improving your bottom line.