#1 Childcare Management Software for administrators, teachers and parents

Security and Attendance Software for Daycares

For a secured lobby, automated attendance, messaging and more.

Look professional and make it easy for all - parents, teachers, staff, drivers and yourself.
  • Parent checking children in.
  • Automated wireless door security.

  • Lobby question with multiple-choice answers.

Login Authentication

For logging in choose the method you prefer.
  • Password authentication.

  • Fingerprint authentication.

  • Barcode card authentication.

Check-In Children

Simplify check-in and check-out of children.
  • Batch check-in by room, class or bus.

  • Quick and interactive check-in by parents.


Communicate with Parents and Staff.
  • Messaging to parents or staff via lobby.

  • Setting up one-time or daily questions—.

  • Reading and acknowledging messages.

  • Answering lobby questions.

Door Security

Secure your door with a state-of-art wireless system.
  • Door security— wireless operation.

    Automate an electric door opener wirelessly.

Staff Time-Clock

Enormously simplify management of payroll for staff.
  • Employee time card report.

    Generate timecard report and email to your payroll processor.

  • Staff Check-In

    Simplify the check-in process using barcode cards, fingerprint reader or passwords. And, deliver messages.

  • Check-Out or Move

    Staff check-out or move between rooms and sites.

Signature Authentication

Get signatures from parents and staff as proof of attendance.
  • Get Signature Authentication

    Authenticate attendance records with tamperproof signatures.


Simplify drop-in management with self-check-out by parents
  • Self-check-out by parents.

  • Get charges.

  • Self-pay and print receipt.

  • On check-out automatically post charges, process payments and prints receipts.

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