#1 Childcare Management Software for administrators, teachers and parents

Why iCare?

Software pre-installed on our Cloud servers ready to go.

Bring administrators, teachers and parents together...simplify management...improve child development.

Incredibly simple for management

Every business is run in a unique way and has its own needs.

A too simplified a solution that doesn?'t meet the needs does not work.
Another solution that may meet the needs, but if not rightly developed, may be
too complicated or require too much manipulation every day.

We work very hard to develop incredibly simple solutions for your problems without compromising on your needs...providing elegant solutions that require minimal effort to accomplish your goals.

Simply incredible for child development

Children are raised best if they are given attention and their needs are understood. They spend an enormous amount of time with the teachers even more so than their parents especially on the weekdays. It is thus necessary to bring teachers and parents together in the child development process. iCare provides an incredible communication channel for the teachers and parents. The parents and teachers will love the simplicity and reciprocity and you will see an amazing effect on the children very quickly.

Low cost, no maintenance

With iCare'?s Cloud solution you don?t have to install software on your computers or to invest on servers.

You can simply start using iCare on almost any computer. Since all the computing is done on the servers, you don?'t need powerful computers or don't have to replace them frequently either.

Also, all the maintenance, ?updates and backups are done by us
on the servers so you don?t have to do that too. 

Priced right

Whether you are a small or large business, we have priced iCare right for you.

It is one of the most highly developed products in the world and yet most affordable - both in the short-term and long-term. There are no hidden costs or recurring purchase of updates.

The monthly subscription includes software licensing, updates, technical support and all server-side costs.

Save Time and Money with iCare...Raise Amazing Children.

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