Achieving full enrollment during slow economic times

At the start of the year, many childcare businesses were thriving right alongside the economy. But as the year progressed, changes to everyday business practices in the fight to curb the coronavirus caused the economy to suffer and childcare businesses were no exception. Education is an industry that is seeing the far-reaching effects of government-mandated […]

iCare Virtual Classroom vs. Zoom Meetings for online childcare education

The coronavirus pandemic has threatened to upend the childcare system. And after a few months of closures or online education, some preschools, Montessori centers and other childcare centers are concerned for the future of their business. Many have turned to online education to continue billing tuition and maintaining relationships with parents. iCare Software recently launched […]

5 important steps to prepare your childcare center for summer break

Summer break is right around the corner. In some parts of the country, challenges surrounding the coronavirus outbreak have led to decreased attendance or entire center closures. It’s certainly been a challenging year for education and other types of businesses. But summer is still on the horizon and offers something for children to look forward […]

How to implement child development guidelines from your state or Maria Montessori

Childcare centers have faced a challenging year with closures or restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. While there is some uncertainty as to the economy and how everything will rebound, one thing is for sure. You want to be at the top of your game and have clear ways to differentiate your business during these […]

How to provide parents and children the best childcare experience

In a service business like childcare, the experience is what makes or breaks it for your customers. Taking time to focus on your experience can improve your retention rates and even fill your center with new business thanks to happy customers who refer you to their friends. Ignoring the experience that children and parents have […]

Optimize your staffing – the biggest cost of your childcare center

Managing your staff is one of the most important aspects of your childcare center. Your staff are the teachers and caregivers that make your childcare center what it is. And yet, staffing is also one of the most time-consuming aspects of managing a childcare center. From teacher-to-child ratios to covering vacations and sick days, some days it […]

Door Security: What you need to know about childcare electronic door locks

Electronic door locks ensure that only authorized individuals enter your childcare center. And they can help validate your attendance records through capturing photos and signatures for drop off and pick up. There are many electronic door locks on the market, but finding the right one can mean the difference in protecting the security of your […]

Ready to boost your childcare center’s ROI? Look to automation

Saving money can be just as good as making money. And for childcare centers, improving ROI can be as simple as implementing automation into your workflows. The reality is, a childcare business takes many hours of support staff time to operate. From billing to staffing to supplies ordering, childcare management is full of tedious tasks. […]

A Parent Portal for building customer loyalty and reducing administrative burden

Offering the parents of the students who attend your childcare center an online portal has two big benefits. A self-service portal can both increase their customer satisfaction and save your center administrative time. And when customers and staff are happy, you are more likely to retain those customers and staff, which benefits your center. Your […]

Documenting injuries and filing reports with childcare software

When you care for children several hours a day, accidents will happen. However, you need a process for documenting those accidents and reporting the information to parents. A childcare software with security and privacy practices can help in recording and maintaining this information. Injuries children sustain will vary from mild scrapes on the playground to […]