Empower your teachers: a teacher’s day with and without childcare software

Empower your teachers: a teacher’s day with and without childcare software

It’s another week of classes for Kate who rushes around prepping for her preschoolers to arrive. She’s planned out circle time, has all the craft supplies set up and knows what her learning objectives are for each activity.

And then the children start to arrive. Parents don’t want Kate to forget that Sally has a food allergy, William had a poor night of sleep, and Anna is getting her final set of molars. William’s mom says she will call at noon on her lunch break to see how her son is doing. Sally’s mom takes her lunch break at 11 and will call then to make sure Sally eats the right foods for lunch.

Before she knows it, Kate finds herself answering calls and texts from parents all day and only half-heartedly getting to do those activities she carefully planned. It can leave Kate feeling more like a babysitter than a teacher, thereby hurting her job satisfaction and risking the retention of her as an employee.

The behind-the-scenes work that happens in a childcare setting is enormous and parents just want to know that their child is doing well during their time in your care. A teacher could spend all their time writing down a child’s activities on a sheet of paper and answering phone calls from parents.

And that’s where childcare management software transforms the work your teachers do. Empower your teachers with the right tools to streamline this communication and enable them to truly be teachers and focus on what they want to focus on.

Kate’s day with childcare management software

Let’s take another look at what Kate’s day would look like if she was leveraging childcare management software to assist with communication and documentation in the classroom.

The eager teacher still sets up her classroom and activities for the day, looking forward to working with her students. As the children arrive and she gets peppered with reminders about each child, she enters the information into her childcare management software iCare Software and goes about her day. 

Instead of answering phone calls, Kate sends a photo to Sally’s mom showing her how much the student enjoys her new lunch, even with the new allergy friendly foods. She sends a quick message to William’s mom saying how he did well in the morning and fell right to sleep at naptime. And before Anna’s mom can even worry about her toddler’s discomfort from teething, Kate sends a message saying they are staying really busy today to keep Anna distracted and comfortable.

After her circle time activity, Kate can document using journaling how each child did with the activity. Over time, she’s showing the child’s development and getting the satisfaction of knowing that she’s the reason why these children are learning important concepts like colors, letters and numbers. 

At the end of the day, Kate feels accomplished because she can see the real results of her lesson planning and knows she made the parents of her students happy by staying in touch about how they were doing.  She’ll stay at that preschool for many years to come because she feels so empowered to teach her students in the way that works best for her.

iCare Software can have that effect on teachers as they can finally enjoy what they love again. It takes out the administrative burden on teachers and enables them to focus on the students and their lesson planning like never before. 

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