How the right tools can build customer loyalty in your child care

How the right tools can build customer loyalty in your child care

Today is a momentous day at Amy’s childcare center. She has a student who started at the center as an infant at six weeks old and today that child graduates as a 12-year-old. This rarely happens for Amy because for whatever reason, it’s so tough to keep parents loyal to her child care center. 

Parents find somewhere cheaper. They hire a nanny so everything can be a certain way. Or, they claim to be unhappy with their child’s education. But that last one always surprises Amy. She’s always puts in so much effort to make sure the curriculum is the best of the best.

At the end of the year, parents are always so pleased to see the progress report on their child’s education. It takes nearly all of May for her to create those progress reports by interviewing teachers, pulling together various sources and writing the individual reports. But she does it each year because she knows parents appreciate it.

Parents never leave her child care center at the end of the year. It’s always somewhere in the middle. If only she could provide reports more often so that they could see the value that she brings every day. She sends home crafts. Invites children to share with their parents what’s going on at her child care center and makes an effort to talk to parents during drop off and pick up, but it never seems to be enough.

Today she will celebrate her one graduating student. In 12 years, it’s only the second time she’s ever graduated a student that has been in her care since infancy. Maybe she will crack the code on customer loyalty another day, but for now she’ll just keep marketing herself and filling those empty positions that happen every month.

What Amy doesn’t realize, is that there is a better way. She can provide those regular reports to parents and offer constant and open communication using child care management software, such as iCare Software. Once she makes this discovery, her whole child care center changes.

The change in customer loyalty child care management software makes

It’s the first week of June and Amy hustles around her child care center. She has five graduating 12-year old students and is thrilled. This graduating class has become common place for her center. It’s always so bittersweet because they’ve cared for these children for so long and now it’s time to send them on their way.

She daydreams of the fun adventures they’ll experience at summer camps; how successful they’ll be in junior high school in the fall and how cute they were in those early days when they arrived 12 years ago.

Amy has been completely astounded at the transformation in her child care center since adopting child care management software. Instead of constantly having to fill vacancies of parents who choose to leave her center, she now has a waiting list of people eager to attend. If a parent leaves, it’s more often than not because they are moving jobs or homes and her location no longer works for them.  

Whenever Amy asks her customers what makes them stay, they tell her it’s the communication and reporting that they get about their child. At the end of every day iCare Software sends all of her parents a daily summary. In the infant room, this includes feedings, diaper changes, diaper training and naps. It’s a nice way of handing off the care and keeping parents in the loop. 

For the school aged children, it’s a skills assessment and homework help summary. Her school aged parents love how their children are done with their homework before they get home so that they can spend quality time as a family in the evenings. 

The photos and journal entries are such an asset as well and keep parents engaged throughout the day while they are at work. Plus, it makes it simple for them to check in with teachers if they have a question and for teachers to do the same.

The best part is, because all of this information is logged daily into the child care management software, Amy can provide monthly development reports to parents. Parents always know the value that Amy’s child care center provides for their children and the result is astounding. The parents are so loyal to her child care center that they rarely unenroll and she gets tons more referrals than she used to.

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