iCare Childcare Management Software Products

Childcare Management Software

iCare Childcare Management Software Products

A modern Web App for effortlessly running your office. In each of the following areas you will find many very effective features that are easy to understand and use.

What you’ll gain is:

Less office work with automation in record keeping, billing and accounting.

Increased revenue with accurate billing that captures all aspects of your rate chart.

Elimination of bad debt with timely collection of money through Direct Deposit.

Lower costs by efficient scheduling and lower payment processing fees.

Better decision making with better reporting and easily accessible information.

Classroom features are an integral part of the iCare App. However, you can subscribe to iCare Classroom without the office features. All the 3 core parts of it – Journaling, Photo Sharing and Chat – are extensively developed to provide great tools for assisting in planning and monitoring children’s development and parent-teacher engagement.

What you’ll gain is:

Least disruption for teachers with quick inputting in the Journal.

Better implementation of development guideline for improved outcomes.

Better Communication with Parents

Satisfied parents talking about your center to friends.

iCare All is a combination of iCare Office and iCare Classroom, it has all their features. It is one single, fully integrated App. It brings all the stakeholders – owners, administrators, teachers and parents – together collaborating towards one goal – raising amazing children. You’ll find all the following features easy to understand and use. What you’ll gain is:

An efficient office running the way you always wanted and with least effort.

Classrooms being most effective in raising children with much better monitoring tools.

Switch to the most robust childcare management software in the industry. Get FREE data transfer and onboarding.