Stop Losing Money

Daycare software enables you to provide options for billing and different attendance structures to attract more clients. iCare Software allows you to program the accounting and billing to match your specific structure for each client so you can be flexible, which ultimately helps your bottom line.

iCare Software helps you stop losing money by:


Allowing for automatic billing. Your billing can be set up as hourly, monthly or even daily. Your clients can use ACH or recurring credit card payments to automatically collect the right amount of money based on actual attendance without having to create manual invoices by reading attendance sheets.


Managing classroom size. By scheduling children at enrollment in classrooms for the days and times they’ll be at your daycare, you can see how much open space you have to enroll additional children to ensure you’re maximizing your opportunities.

See the difference in operating your facility with daycare software by starting your three-month trial of iCare Software today. Read more about how daycare software can empower you and your administration.