The surefire way a childcare center can make a parent’s day

The surefire way a childcare center can make a parent’s day

The mornings always seem to come too early for Rachel. She has bags to pack, breakfast to grab and a two-year-old and four-year-old to prepare for childcare before rushing off to work. 

But her two-year-old son Jason didn’t sleep well last night as he is getting his last set of molars. Soon she’ll be out of the woods from teething, but until then, it’s little sleep and lots of worry while she’s away from him.

She gets to her childcare center with only a few minutes to spare before her first morning meeting, so she’s extremely rushed and doesn’t have time to talk with the teachers. 

Rachel forgets to share that her dad is picking up the kids today while her husband travels for work and she has a late meeting. She also forgets to share that her daughter Anna brought her ballet slippers to share for show and tell. Anna is super shy, so she might forget or be too nervous to bring up the topic. She’ll just have to find time to call and share those details somewhere in the busy work day.

As lunchtime approaches, she finds the time to call and shares everything with the front office worker because her children’s teachers are deep into circle time at the moment. Rachel just hopes that they’re both doing well and enjoying the activities for the day.

Sadly, she won’t see her kids until she goes in to kiss their cheeks while they sleep because tonight is the only time she gets out to do something special for herself with an afterwork fitness class. She can hear about their day tomorrow over breakfast but getting those details out of little kids is tough sometimes.

It leaves Rachel wondering if this whole situation is right for her family. Maybe an in-home nanny would be less work even if the children wouldn’t get preschool and activities designed for their developmental phases. Meanwhile, her husband boards a flight knowing he will miss the next three days with his family for a necessary work trip.

If only these parents knew more about the priceless moments her children had during their day at childcare and how much they love and trust their teachers.

Parents juggle a million things and work to keep balance while also trying to soak up the moments and memories with their children while they’re little. Childcare centers that offer easy communication and share the value they bring the family are priceless to parents. It can be easy to make a parent’s day with childcare management software that makes it simple for teachers and administrators to stay in contact with parents all day long.

Rachel’s day at a childcare center with childcare management software

Rachel still has a manic morning getting the children ready to go and checked in at childcare for the morning. But this time, when she forgets to share details about her dad picking up the children and how Anna will be sharing her ballet slippers at show and tell, she sends a quick message through her childcare center’s web-based application on her phone as she walks into the office from the parking lot. It’s one less thing for her to keep on her mind today and her children’s teachers get the information about the children at the start of the day.

Just before lunchtime, she gets a photo of Jason snuggled up on his teachers lap during story time. He’s sound asleep in the comfort of his teacher’s arms. She knew it was a rough night, but thankfully he knows and trusts his teachers so much that it’s comfortable to snuggle up even before naptime hits. Rachel smiles and thinks about how lucky she is to have such outstanding teachers for Jason during this tough time.

At two o’clock she gets another message. This time it’s a journal entry about Anna and her show and tell presentation. The teacher has documented that Anna’s presentation skills have improved immensely from the start of the school year and she seems much more at ease talking in front of people. Rachel’s heart swells with pride at her daughter’s growth and is once again thankful for the childcare center where her children are enrolled.

As she prepares for her final meeting of the day, Rachel gets a summary notification of the day for both of her children. That means her dad made it on time to pick up the kids to get Anna to ballet practice. She can walk into her meeting at ease now and enjoy her fitness class tonight.

Her husband has been receiving these messages as he boards his flight and checks in at his hotel during his travels. It’s amazing how he can stay in touch with his family even while on the go. When he video chats with the kids tonight before bed, he can talk to them about their day thanks to the communication he receives from the childcare center.

In the morning at the breakfast table, Rachel knows what to ask her children about. She can prompt them to share about their day because she has all the details. And, she can thank their teachers for all that they do when she drops her kids off tomorrow. There is no doubt in her mind that her children are in the right place to meet their needs at this time.

Childcare management software can help parents manage their many obligations while staying involved in their children’s care. It can improve satisfaction and retention rates with your clients and build trust and understanding along the way. Schedule a demo to see how iCare Software can help you and your teachers make a parent’s day.

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