Child Care Software that Automates Your Center

  • Management tool for all stakeholders – owners, administrators, teachers and parents
  • Eliminates administrative hassles and simplifies record-keeping
  • Drive efficiencies and offer your team more time to focus on your students
  • Inexpensive and quick implementation - immediate return on your investment
  • Connect parents and teachers with seamless communication
  • Billing management and reporting on automation

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Virtual Clasroom

The coronavirus pandemic has hurt your business badly. You need online classes/care to generate income and maintain relationships with parents.

The iCare Virtual Classroom is a far better alternative to Zoom:

  • It is integrated with your office and classroom
  • It captures the online attendance and bills it automatically
  • It is completely secure and private and needs no installation

See how it works:

Contactless Check-In

A few months ago, people didn’t think much about touching the same screens or using the same pens. With the pandemic this is a big problem. The iCare Check-In app is the perfect solution for this problem:
  • It triggers automatically when parents or staff enter the lobby
  • You don’t have to purchase any scanner, cards or devices
  • It is simple, secure, and safe

See how it works:

The Best Childcare Software as they say

I have been a school administrator for over 15 years and iCare is the software I have always dreamed of having. Automated features, parent engagement and lightning speed. I used to wait on hold forever to reach someone, not iCare, they are so wonderfully tech savvy! I love that it is cloud based and interactive with our parents and staff. We have only scratched the surface of what iCare can do and already it is lightyears ahead of anything else we found. Thank you iCare!!
Catherine S.
Director of Communication Education Management
We brought iCare online in November of 2007 and it literally changed the way we do business. We were using a DOS program and had to enter weekly and daily charges manually. Now that we use iCare, we can quickly and easily run the reports we need and tuition is billed automatically. Overtime is calculated during the day ending process every night. Staff times are calculated and the report makes payroll a breeze.
Greg W.
We needed a software that would run not only our weekly tuition and attendance but also work like a cash register for drop-in parents who needed to leave deposits, be billed and make payments at pick-up. iCare Childcare software does everything we need it to. The customer service is always quick to respond to any issues or questions we might have, and I would highly recommend this product to anyone in the child care industry no matter the size or hours of service provided.
Chuck W.
We have used iCare software for our 14,000sq ft facility since Sept 2006 and are still going strong! We love this POS software because it makes our business much more efficient. iCare child care software allows the parents/guardians to quickly sign-in on our lobby interface answering several "RSVP" questions about their children, log in their times for billing purposes, helps headcounts, stores family data and accounting, and much more! Their customer service is also impeccable.
Lori S.

Bring together owners, administrators, teachers and parents with one application.

6 Ways iCare will Impact You and Automate Your Childcare Business

Build Customer Loyalty

Improve parent engagement both in the office and classroom.

Make a Parent's Day

Share photos and notes and chat with parents throughout the day.

Empower Your Teachers

Offer tools that improve development outcomes and require minimal effort and distraction.

Empower Yourself

Make your business more profitable and easier to mortage using automation, notifications, and reports.

Stop Working Long Hours

Reduce the time-consuming work of registration, enrollment, licensing, attendance, and accounting.

Stop Losing Money

Eliminate missed billing and cut out bed debt by using Direct Deposit.

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The iCare App includes complete enterprise functionality for your team’s ease of use. Our vast 20 years of experience working with many childcare providers makes us experts at what childcare facilities need to succeed. We have perfected iCare over the years into what we believe is the ideal solution.

Daycare Centers

Modernize your entire childcare operation: Automate office functions, cut losses from missed billing and payments, reduce administration hours, and increase parent-teacher engagement. Greatly improve your center’s childcare outcome.


Get the easiest solution to your toughest management problems: in finance, registrations, waiting list, payment plans, coming year’s enrollment, and all recordkeeping needs. Also, you can completely implement and monitor the Maria Montessori development guidelines.

Drop-in Child Care

Implement the most highly developed drop-in management App. Tackle any type of fee structure, prepaid hours and packages, special day/time rates, allergies and special needs, document tracking, and market your center with ease through iCare.

After-school Care

Find the best fit for your operation no matter which business model you have – weekly recurring or selected days on a monthly calendar. Manage even the most complex billing automatically and collect money on time. Build loyalty with parents and grow your business.


Run your school much more efficiently and with ease: Streamline enrollment, scheduling, billing, payment collection, curriculum planning, and monitoring of development milestones.

Enrichment Programs

Whether you have a single site or run your classes at multiple locations, make it easy for parents to pick classes for their children and manage your entire office and classroom functions with ease.


Manage all operational functions of your camps with well-organized year-to-year sessions. Entirely simplify all areas - registrations, curriculum, financial obligations, payment plans, and even food and merchandising.

Centers with Mixed Programs

Become a better manager starting today. You provide different services to fill your capacity and slots. Move to iCare right now and uncomplicate your business with ease through a single platform.

See how iCare’s childcare management application can help you today!