Manage your Child Care Center with iCare Software

iCare Software is a great management tool for all stakeholders – owners, administrators, teachers and parents. Perfect for today’s childcare professional, iCare Software eliminates administrative hassles and simplifies record-keeping, allowing more time to focus on what’s most important.

iCare Software will drive efficiencies and offer your team more time to focus on your students. Implementing iCare is inexpensive and quick, so the return on your investment is immediate. We understand that communication is key, so we connect parents and caregivers with seamless communication.

Run your business better than ever before!

The early years of childhood development are so important, and we believe good technology plays a role in ensuring strong childcare programs and services. iCare is sophisticated technology that is easy to use and improves efficiencies for Administrators, Teachers, and Parents.

Empower Your Teachers

Teachers will love spending less time on administration and more time teaching.

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Make a Parent’s Day

Share photos and notes and chat with parents throughout the day.

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Empower Yourself

Stop guessing on total enrollment, fees charged or classes taught.

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Stop Losing Money

Automatic invoicing and reports on expiring credit will ensure you get paid.

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Build Customer Loyalty

Parents who know what their children are learning are less likely to shop around.

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Stop Working Long Hours

iCare saves you time by eliminating repetitive tasks with easy reusable fields.

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The iCare App includes complete enterprise functionality for your team’s ease of use. Our vast 20 years of experience working with many childcare providers makes us experts at what childcare facilities need to succeed. We have perfected iCare over the years into what we believe is the ideal solution.

See How iCare’s Software Center Management Application Can Help You Today!

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MANAGING your office and classrooms
with iCare Software – an easy path to success.



  • Automate registration, medical records and fulfilling licensing needs.
  • Alerts and notifications at the right time to right people.

Center Management

  • Management tools you need―dashboard, report center, smart search and advanced filtering, automated alerts and notifications, trends tool, and a center calendar.

Secure Lobby

  • Check-in solution for lobby, bus, classroom or curb.
  • Includes signature or photo authentication, automatic door, and response to questions like lunch choice of the day.

Secure Lobby

Program Management


  • Manage programs/classes, enrollment capacity, waiting list, scheduling, and bills with very little work.


  • Match staff scheduling to enrollments and get insights into payroll and tracking certificates, training and records.


  • Maximize your revenue by billing fully and accurately.
  • Fully automate billing with iCare’s Billing Grid and Rate Chart Modeler.

Direct Deposit

  • Automate your payment collection.
  • Collect all tuition charges every single billing cycle on time and save money on processing fees.




  • Easily record children’s activities and development milestones.
  • An organized way for implementing development standards and guidelines and engaging parents.
  • Substantially improve children’s development outcomes.

Instant Photos

  • Simply point, click and share pictures of a child at work or play. Or, share their artwork.


  • Build better team spirit, increase customer satisfaction.
  • Through emails, text messages, alerts, notifications, and Lobby questions improve communication between office, teachers and parents.


  • Absence alert, registration checklist, documentation renewal, immunization alerts, late payments, invoicing, and journal and photo dings.


Parent-Teacher Engagement

Teacher Portal

  • Instantly improve each teacher’s role with journaling, implementing development guidelines, and parent-teacher engagement.

Parent Portal

  • Freedom for parents to view child’s journal and photos, self-register, enroll in programs, view account history, self-pay or set direct deposit.