Running a childcare center is child's play when you use the right software.

Manage your business like never before with iCare Software, childcare management software tailored to your needs!

Who Uses iCare?

Centers & Pre-schools

Building a world class center? Your ideas and dreams need the right tools to make them happen. Meet iCare.

Whether you have 1 or 100 sites, iCare covers all aspects of your site and operations management needs.

Improve your center’s childcare outcomes with modern operation practices. Automate office functions. Cut losses from missed billing and payments. Reduce administration hours. And increase parent-teacher engagement.

Drop-in Care

Implement the most developed drop-in childcare management solution.

A complete point-of-sale system especially designed for drop-in childcare.

The point-of-sale system handles check-in, billing, payments, children’s special needs, special day/times like Friday and Saturday nights, prepaid packages, sale of sundry items, and drop-in licensing constraints on attendance.

Provider Agency

Running a provider agency/affiliate program? Working with many disconnected programs? Welcome to iCare, the fully integrated agency software.

iCare offers voucher and childcare financial assistance management, customizable home visit case tool, Transportation and driver management, to a complete Parent App and more.

Before & After School

If you’re in charge of a before or after school program, we can help. We offer solutions that allow you to track attendance, enroll families, schedule children and bill parents automatically. And we make it easy for parents to access their child’s information online.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to be more organized and deliver a great program. We’ve got you covered!

Montessori School

Montessori Schools

Is office and classroom management work hindering your real work – the educational and development outcomes? Meet iCare. As you continue to discover it, its breadth and depth will astound you. It is what you have been waiting for a long time.

We don’t believe in “one size fits all” — every school is unique. iCare helps schools like yours make it easy to go paperless and save time and money.


No more paper rosters, no more missing check-in and out sheets. Get ready for your busy season with a summer camp app.

Why spend hours with a clipboard at summer camp registration when you can save time and energy by automating the process online? Whether you’re a large camp with thousands of applications or a small camp with a small handful, we scale to fit your needs.

Childcare Management Software Tailored To Your Needs!

What Can You Do With iCare?

iCare mimic’s how you really work, think, and complete each task in your office and classroom.

Safe & Secure Facilities
Empower Your Staff
Automate Payments

Why Choose iCare?

Imagine, a software tool that would help you manage your day to day operational work like parent management, billing, attendance tracking and child scheduling in one place. The same place that helps your staff enter contact details, time table children’s activities and create letters and forms directly from their smartphones. That saves hours of data entry each day.

What Our Clients Say

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