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Before & After-School Programs

You don't need to reinvent the wheel to be more organized and deliver a great program. We've got you covered!

If you’re in charge of an after school program we can help. We offer programs that allow you to track attendance, enroll families, schedule children and bill parents automatically. And we make it easy for parents to access their child’s information online.
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After School Program Software

  • Administration & Record Keeping
  • Billing, Payments, & Accounting
  • Business​ Management
  • Check-in & Security
  • Communication
  • Parent App
  • Program Management
  • Automated Billing - maximize revenue with iCare's accurate and full automated billing system
  • Direct Deposit - automated recurring payment collection set by admin or parent
  • Rate Chart Modeler - more than 30 factors that can be set to calculate bills dynamically
  • Billing Overage Charges - flat charges like weekly or monthly that have a set schedule, charges for attendance beyond schedules is automatically calculated and posted
  • Late Pick-up and Late Payment Fee - charges for pickups after closing time or if payment is not made on time are calculated and posted automatically
  • Billing Preview - pull future bills for verification
  • Lowest Processing Rates - you get a direct merchant account with the processing house, no middleman involved so you save significantly on processing fee
  • Batch Updates - batch accounting processes allow you to make multiple changes in a set. For example, post special charges or credits for all or selected group of children.
  • Subsidy/Copay Management - split bills into multiple subsidy and private accounts. With separate ledgers, these accounts are managed very easily. Posted transactions can be transferred from one account to another; for example, when a charge disputed by that subsidy must be transferred to the parent.
  • Configure automation processes for licensing, attendance, billing, etc.
  • Manage required paperwork for licensing inspection and renewal monitoring
  • HIPAA-guided immunization and medical records
  • Self-registration by parents and registration checklist
  • Staff timesheets with daily or weekly overtime calculated in advance
  • Set automated reminders to parents for medical checks and immunization shots
  • Organize your tasks and goals through alerts, notifications, school calendar, and private yellow sticky notes
  • An expansive Report Center with 100 standard and any number of custom reports
Learn about all of the Administrative and Management features available with iCare.
  • Touchless Check-In App - Free app for parents and staff to check in and out via their phone without touching anything.
  • iCare Lobby App - Check-in from any device from anywhere; lobby, classroom, curbside, or bus. Open Lobby assures that no unauthorized person can open the lobby and enter attendance.
    • Signature and Photo Validation: validate attendance with signature and photo authentication for check in and out
    • Messaging: to the Lobby
    • Lobby Questions: get answers from parents for things like field trip sign-up, and lunch choice of today.
  • Wireless Door Security System: A better, wireless door switch for opening the door for authorized people to enter the premises. Requires purchase of wireless relay switch from us. When installed and connected to the electric door strike, it buzzes the door open automatically when people check in and out.
Parent app Have an issue? Want to advise a parent? Tell them what an awesome job their child has done? Or delight a parent by sharing activities and milestones with a photo. iCare provides communication tools for admins, teachers, and parents through emails, texts, alerts, and notifications.
Photo Sharing
Easy point, click and sharing of photos of children or their artwork with parents. Ding notification to parents when a new photo is shared.
Use iCare Chat, our interactive communication tool, to quickly communicate with parents and teachers to build a stronger school-family relationship.
Send individual or group emails. Choose one of many templates to quickly compose your email. The Email Open Tracking Report will tell you who was delivered the email and who opened it.
Bulletin Board/ Calendar
Keep everyone informed about future events like open houses, teacher meetings, and concerts with the Calendar. Calendar events can be shared with all or specific groups.
Notifications & Alerts
Receive email notifications or SMS text alerts for enrollments, absences, registrations, document renewal, immunization due dates, payments and more.
Daily Reports
At the end of the day, if a child has any journal notes or new photos, the Daily Report is emailed to the parents.
Parent app
Parents can stay connected with their child throughout the day with the mobile iCare Parent App.  See child’s activities and manage their account in real time. Keep informed of daily classroom activities, view attendance records, make payments and more.
  • Child Registration
  • Enrollment
  • Manage Child Profile
  • Reserve a Spot
  • Journal
  • Check In and Out
  • Attendance
  • Accounting (Ledger and Billing)
  • Payments
  • Program Management:
    • Rooms and Program management
    • Drop-in reservations
    • Staff Scheduling Manager
      • Match staff scheduling to enrollments and get insights into payroll and tracking certificates and training records
  • Track CACFP eligibilities and up to 6 meals per day

Learn how childcare software can be an investment in growing and improving your bottom line.