iCare Software

Empower Your Teachers with the Best Childcare Management Software

Teachers will enjoy the added insights and ease of operating with daycare software. iCare Software eliminates the need for paper roster sheets and makes taking attendance a breeze. iCare Software is also HIPAA compliant to keep children’s medical records so that teachers have a holistic view of the child right on their tablet or smartphone.

iCare Software transforms teachers’ classrooms through:


Allowing for easy chat with parents. Teachers can go from educating children or having craft time to sending a quick message to a parent to inform them of a child’s behavior or illness.


Teachers can organize their notes through the journaling function. iCare Software tailors the journal according to which classroom a teacher is in or the time of day so that category tagging is intelligent. Different categories show for lunchtime than for circle time so that with just a couple clicks, your teachers can take good notes and stay in touch with parents throughout the day.


Teachers can easily see if a child who was scheduled to be in class that day is missing. With attendance synced to scheduling, teachers have an always up-to-date roster that they can trust with confidence to have the information they need and message parents to see what’s happening if a child is late or a no-show.

Build Loyalty with Parents

iCare Software builds customer loyalty with the parents of the children you care for by:


Providing insights of the activities your children are participating in. This shows the value of their investment because the children are getting more than just care but education and learning opportunities.


Ensuring parents can see the growth and education of their children through journal entries. When your teachers journal, they are ultimately creating records of where the child’s development and education started when they enrolled in your daycare to where they are now. This helps parents see how the children are being prepared for primary school.


Allowing parents to feel connected with their children throughout the day via photo sharing. They can check iCare at a time when it’s convenient for them and unlike social media, they don’t have to filter through other posts to find information about what their children are doing.

It costs five times as much to earn a new customer than to retain one. See how daycare software can build customer loyalty and learn more about how iCare can empower your teachers.

Learn how childcare software can be an investment in growing and improving your bottom line.