Photo Sharing Features

Communicate Daily and Create a Bond with Your Parents!

Stay Connected with your Families and Share their Experiences

Pictures are the best means to create and relish special memories of precious moments. Parents miss the everyday moments of their child’s achievements and sharing pictures with them makes them feel connected. iCare provides the best tool to improve parent participation in the development process and create memories of the class-room and other school activities.

Photo Sharing

Ease of accessing, using, and sharing experiences using the Photos feature has made iCare popular among teachers and parents.  Simply click and share pictures with parents and keep them informed of their child’s daily activities and achievements.

Sharing Features

  • Easy point, click and sharing of photos of children or their art work with parents.
  • Ding notification to parents when a new photo is shared.
  • Usable on any phone or tablet without any installation or download.
  • Individual albums
  • Downloading the picture