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A good report making tool is most essential for running your center efficiently
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The system uses geofencing, signatures, or a photograph to authenticate when employees clock in and out. Any changes to attendance data are documented with change history. The payroll calculation is also completely configurable; you can choose the period or overtime percentage.

  • Produce accurate payroll hours report for any period – weekly, bi-weekly, ot monthly
  • Overtime (OT) calculation options by hours worked per day or per week
  • Role permissions and recording of change history assures that no unauthorized person can edit the data. And, change history identifies all edited data
  • Email report to ADP or any other payroll processor

iCare comes with many standard reports, organized in easily searchable report tabs. If you need to configure a report in a way that doesn’t fit your operation, you can add a custom report on your own or send us a request via our support team.

  • 100+ primary and secondary reports organized in the Report Center
  • All reports with grid and printer views for report action/customization and formatted printing, respectively 
  • Automated daily reports
  • Report cover financials, registrations, enrollment, rosters, attendance, schedules, ratio control, complete/incomplete documents, change history, ledger, balances, journal, and registration

iCare comes with a report builder that is easy to use. You can build a query by simply clicking on the tables and fields you want to include, rather than having to write out the SQL syntax yourself. If that sounds too difficult for you, just click on Request Query, tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll add it for you within a couple of hours or next day.

Can add any number of custom reports.

  • Instantly add a custom report by simply typing the query
  • Or, request iCare Support to add one for you
  • Auto-complete feature make it very easy to write queries without knowing the internal data structure
  • Incudes smart search and sorting

iCare is unique in the industry for its powerful report-building tools, which allow you to slice and dice your data, drill down to underlying details, hide and unhide things and sort them up or down. You can also compare by pivoting, apply multiple additive or subtractive where clauses, apply built-in period filter for date fields, do inline editing available in appropriate places, use batch operation available in appropriate places, run math functions and utilize many individual and batch actions.

  • Drilldown functions to for one-click view of profile data, search, and messaging
  • Batch processes void, add, send message
  • Inline editing in selected reports to update data like attendance and bills quickly
  • Customizing reports – hide or add columns, Google-like smart search, one-click sorting, advanced filtering, and saving/recalling advanced filters
  • One-click export to Excel
  • Built-in analytics tool to compare current data with past periods

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