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5 Professional Qualities that Standout in Childcare Centers and Preschools

Childcare can be a challenging profession. There are 5 qualities that the really great childcare professionals tend to have. Here are those qualities so you can watch out for them as you work to build a winning team.

  1. Patience
    A great preschool teacher or administrator is patient because young children tend to ask repeat questions and need constant reminders of the same things over and over again. Children have energy galore and may need to be pulled back into the learning scene repeatedly throughout the day as they try to expel all that energy.
  2. A sense of humor
    Young children say and do the darnedest things. Teachers who take themselves too seriously are unlikely to survive in early childhood education. Preschool teachers should be prepared for children to not remember what they taught them yesterday or have short lapses in remembering these lessons. The more teachers can laugh and enjoy these spirited students, the better equipped they are for the role.
  3. Creativity
    Imagine getting a room of 3-year-olds to sit still at the same time for circle time. It takes great skill and creativity for a childcare provider to accomplish this. The more creative a preschool teacher is, the more likely children are to learn in the classroom. This is because children are more likely to learn through song or activities that engage multiple senses.
  4. Communication skills
    While preschoolers don’t benefit from baby talk they do require some special communication. Teachers who can break down complex topics into easily digested nuggets for preschoolers are worth their weight in gold. Toddlers can learn the solar system if it is presented in a way they can understand. It’s all in how a topic is communicated as to whether or not a toddler will learn and absorb the information.
  5. Understanding
    No two children are the same or learn at the same pace and in the same fashion. A teacher who recognizes and understands that is priceless in preschool. An understanding teacher is able to work with every child on his or her strengths and help them grow in the areas where they need to.

A well-equipped teacher is better able to teach preschoolers. A rowdy room full of preschoolers can be difficult to control and take attendance for on paper, but by empowering your teachers with childcare management software, you can allow them to do their jobs more effectively and exhibit these five traits in the classroom.

iCare Software puts information at the fingertips of your preschool teachers. From food allergies and HIPAA-compliant medical information to learning reports and messaging with parents, iCare’s Childcare Software is the classroom assistant every teacher loves. Learn more about iCare Software and contact us with any questions.

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