iCare Software

Childcare App for Teachers and Parents by iCare

Childcare App for Teachers and Parents by iCare

iCare software offers one of the best childcare apps for teachers and parents. With features that make it simple to pay a bill while on the go or send a quick message between parents and teachers, it helps connect childcare programs and caregivers.

The app is incredibly easy to use and syncs seamlessly with the web version of the software. That means that users can switch between the app and the web version based on needs or preferences. So even if you don’t have your device with the app downloaded close by, you can log in on the web.

Here’s a look at the features within the app and how they help teachers and parents connect to care for children effectively.


Register and Enroll

Parents can register their children and avoid paper enrollment forms. That way, teachers or administrators don’t have to retype the forms and risk mistakes. This can make it fast and easy for new parents to join your childcare center.


Check-in and Check-out

Mornings tend to be a bit hectic at childcare centers. It’s a hub of activity as teachers work to prepare children for the day and parents hug their children goodbye. Using the childcare app, parents can check in to avoid lobby traffic jams when only a shared device is available for check-in. And once a child has been checked in for the day, their status in the app changes. That way, the parent can use the same screen to check their child out at the end of the day.


Review Child’s Activities

Parents can see what their child has been doing throughout the day. If they are missing their child or just wondering how the day is going, parents can open the app and review the child’s day. Or after pick-up, parents can few a summary of the child’s day to talk to them about their favorite activities and transition their education back into the home.


Bill Pay

Pay your bill with ease using the mobile app. Or just review your recurring bills if you have autopay set up with your childcare provider. Update credit card or banking information when you experience a change.


Message Caregivers

Send a message to your child’s caregiver. This is also a fast way for teachers to communicate with parents about a quick question. That way, parents and teachers are connected to create valuable learning experiences.


View Photos

At the bottom of the app’s dashboard, parents can view photos that show a view of what their child did that day. The photos might have a small caption to explain what the child was doing at the time or add further context. It helps make the child’s activities come to life and can help parents feel more connected to their child’s care.


Review Developmental Milestones

While parent-teacher conferences are helpful for understanding how a child is doing, they aren’t all that frequent. The app allows parents to see how their child is doing in relation to developmental milestones alongside notes from the teacher about what they are observing in the classroom. Parents can click on the journal app to see what a child ate at lunch and how they performed during classroom activities.


iCare Childcare App is Available for Apple and Android Devices

The iCare childcare app is now available for Apple and Android devices. Parents and teachers can download the same app but have varying access based on their login credentials.

Don’t have iCare Software at your childcare yet? Schedule a free demo to see how iCare can modernize your operations and connect you with parents in a meaningful way that builds better relationships to reduce customer turnover.

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