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Exceptional and Responsive Customer Service from the Best Child Care Software

Helpful Support Representatives Provide the Best Child Care Software Customer Support

Chatbots and artificial intelligence are taking over the customer service industry. According to HubSpot, these tools are some of the top customer service trends of 2021.

While these tools are great for helping customers get fast answers to common questions, they aren’t great for urgent requests and complicated needs.

iCare Software is the best child care software for customer support because we believe service should be personal, fast and responsive. You’re running a business, so you need fast and clear answers to your questions.

Software Setup and Assistance

We provide you a team of experts to help troubleshoot any problems you encounter. But even better than that, we help you get setup for success from the start. 

Our team helps you configure your software to meet your unique needs. Some of our setup services include the following.

  • Data migration: we’ll help you transfer your data from one software system to the next for a seamless experience. Many software companies charge extra for this, but we provide it as a service to our new customers. 
  • Billing setup: billing is one of the most powerful and impactful tools in your childcare app. We’ll work with you to configure the billing portion of the software and automate payments to provide a better parent experience and reduce late payments.  
  • Direct deposit setup: get setup with some of the lowest credit card processing fees available in the industry with iCare Software direct deposit. 
  • Recordkeeping organization: organize your data with assistance from our team of experts that who have helped countless childcare centers build effective structure.
  • Curriculum and milestones setup: get support for setting up your curriculum within the software and configuring developmental milestones within the Journaling tools.

Urgent Childcare Software Phone Support

Some issues and questions require immediate customer support. For example, if you’re finalizing licensing paperwork for the month and encounter an issue, you need assistance right away. We know some situations are urgent, which is why we offer phone support.

You can call and talk to a team member immediately to get answers to your questions. And if the expert who can answer your questions isn’t available right away, we’ll call you back as soon as possible with solutions.

While chat, email and customer support tickets are all helpful, you want the ability to talk to a real person when you need help. Some of our competitors only offer email support. Brightwheel customers have to send an email and wait for a response no matter how urgent the request is.

Our customer support team is available at 978-266-0224.

Responsive Email Support for Childcare App

When you have a non-urgent question or need insights on customizing your childcare management software, you can send iCare customer support an email

We treat our customers with the utmost respect, which means being responsive to your inquiries. Our customers find that we respond to inquiries the same day in most circumstances.

Here’s what one customer had to say about iCare customer service response times:

“I have been [in] the tech business for 40 years, and iCare Customer Service response has been the best I have used for a technology company. iCare was willing and did make requested updates, and they did so in a timely manner.” – Kim C.

Live Chat Support for Daycare Software

When you can’t pick up the phone or don’t want to spend the time communicating in this way, we offer live chat. Visit our website and look for the chat icon at the lower right.

Once you initiate a session, a customer support representative will get back to you within minutes. It’s fast, immediate and can allow you to multitask while getting the important answers you really need.

Helpful Daycare Software Knowledgebase

For common questions, iCare Software provides a knowledge base where customers can interact and share questions and answers with one another. 

Sort the knowledge base by getting started guides, recent software release notes or a glossary of important terms. And when you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, you can submit your question and the iCare team will respond and publish the information to offer a new question and answer for the whole community.

Best Child Care Software Listens to Customers and Adapts to Industry Needs

The childcare industry has changed a great deal over the 20 years iCare Software has been in business. We take pride in listening to our customers’ needs and adapting the childcare management solutions to meet those needs.

Because our customer service help is so personal and one-on-one through phone calls and other avenues, we’re able to listen carefully to your needs. 

We provide regular upgrades and releases to the software to provide you new tools. And you never have to worry about increasing your subscription fee to get access to those tools. Everything is included at one convenient price and all customers get access to one-on-one customer support at no added cost.

Our software has the most use cases for any childcare software on the market. This is thanks to our ability to follow industry trends and listen to customer needs.

To see software that provides you with an exceptional customer experience, schedule a demo with the iCare Software team. You’ll see the immense care and attention we provide our customers during your one-on-one demo as we answer your questions and strategize ways to maximize your business profits.

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