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iCare is Your Best Virtual Assistant: Easy Childcare Reports and Documentation

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Running a childcare center requires that owners be accountants, licensing specialists, customer service representatives and so much more. It’s a busy job, but one that automations and modern technology can aid immensely.

To overcome the challenges of operating a daycare center, iCare Software serves as your best virtual assistant. The automatic and custom reporting options allow you to focus on your customers while providing essential childcare reports. These reports help guide you in growing your business, maintaining your license and maximizing your subsidies.

We’ll outline some of the best virtual assistant tools childcare software provides.

Childcare Reports and Documentation

iCare Software provides some of the most advanced childcare reporting of any systems in the industry. This means less manual work for childcare owners and improved insights into business operations.

Some of advanced reporting features our childcare management software includes:

  • Schedule your reports to run when you need them
  • Run ad-hoc reports for immediate results and insights
  • Create custom reports using smart search filtering
  • Edit reports to add more details, delete functions, etc.
  • Easily add or remove columns in your reports
  • Export your data in whatever format you need
  • Create pivot tables to research trends 

These advanced reporting features provide many great benefits. You can understand your enrollment and attendance clearly and concisely to improve staffing so that you spend only what you need to on payroll. 

Automate reports that help you submit licensing data or subsidy documentation to maximize your bottom line.

Reporting for State Requirements

Each state has different childcare reporting standards. But no matter where you’re located, you can use the daycare software to prep your state’s required documentation in minutes.

And for regional or national chains, we make it easy to adapt your childcare reports by location to meet your state’s unique requirements. Each regional manager or franchise owner can create custom reports using the advanced multi-site management tools in iCare.

Data In = Data Out

All the data you put into our childcare app is easy to export in report format. So as you document a child’s day, what they’re eating and their development milestones, know that you’re creating simple data reports you can share with outside parties.

This might mean that you export child development reports for meetings with parents to showcase what their child has learned while in your care.

Or you can use your documentation to validate subsidy requests and parent billing information. You can export and share a variety of data points and references with others to maximize the value you get from your preschool software.   

Speed and Ease of Use

Some software systems require putting through a request for a custom report and waiting for the company to set up that option.

We believe in putting you in full control to create the one-time or recurring childcare reports you need when you need them. Setting up a custom report is fast and easy. Select your report criteria and get results in minutes.

Then filter the report and adjust the data included to meet your needs. And schedule the report to run on your set timeframe so that you never have to worry about manually running it again.

You won’t have any hoops to jump through or long arduous work. iCare Software is like having the best virtual assistant. And if you can’t figure out how to create a report, our helpful customer service team will be ready and waiting to guide you through the process and make sure you have the tools you need.

Call 978-266-0224 or email support@icaresoftware.com for fast and friendly service.

See how powerful and easy-to-use iCare Software’s childcare reports are. Schedule a demo where our team will walk you through the software and its essential features.


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