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Free up your precious time with automated alerts and notifications. A tool to keep teachers, administrators and parents up-to-date with real-time information.

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To help parents and staff keep up with important information, alerts have been introduced in iCare.

Many configurable alerts for situations needing urgent attentions:

  • Absence Alert - alerts for the parents for absent children

  • Incomplete Immunizations - This alert shows when their children with overdue dates

  • Renewal of Medical Records: - alerts for renewing the medical records such as vision test, hearing test, etc.

  • Required Documents: - alerts for documents that are necessary for enrollments

  • Late Payment Alert: - alerts for late fee payments

  • Registration checklist - parents are not able to enroll children in any programs until all registration requirements are met

  • Absence alert

  • Instant alerts to parents' phones when children’s activities are posted on a journal entry, photo, or chat

iCare software to manage students enrollments


Configurable automated email notifications to share alerts with families.

  • Incomplete Immunizations - This alert shows when their children with overdue dates

  • Required Documents - This notification shows the count of the children where the electronic documents are incomplete.

  • Absence Alert - This shows when the children are absent for their scheduled hours.

  • Renewal of Medical Records - This alert shows the details of medical records such as Date of Vision test, Date of hearing test, Last physical examination date, etc.

  • Late Payment Alert - Shows the list of payers for whom late fee charges are posted.

  • Missing Enrollment - This notification will be shown when the children have the billing entry, but the Program/class enrollment is missing

  • Missing Billing Grid Entries - This shows the notification when the children are enrolled in a Program/class but their billing entry is missing

  • Credit card Expirations - This shows the details of credit cards that are going to expire in a month.

  • Pending Direct Deposits - This shows the list of direct deposits that are pending/not processed.

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