Chat Communications to Stay Connected with Parents

Build stronger school-family relationships

Stay Connected with Your Parents with iCare Chat


Have an issue? Want to advise a parent? Or, tell them what an awesome job their child has done?

Use iCare Chat, our interactive communication tool, to quickly communicate with parents and teachers to build a stronger school-family relationship. Share important information instantly and start conversations to engage your parents.

iCare Chat keeps both parents and teachers connected. Parents turn to teachers for advice on the academic development of their children. And, teachers learn better about children’s behavioral requirements from parents. Real-time chat gives a smooth and easy platform to interact and share information instantly. The information gathered can also serve as a summary of the behavioral history of children and help parents understand their needs better.


See how iCare’s childcare management application can help you today!

Instant Communication

  • Get instant advice from teachers.
  • Share information of the developmental requirements and delays right away.
  • Update parents about their child’s activities and milestones under a secured network.

Engaging Parents

  • Parents are always eager to know their child’s activities and real-time conversation fills the communication gap.
  • Conversation is the best means to stay connected and informed.
  • Improve parent-teacher engagement with iCare’s instant Chat feature.
  • Understand children behavior better with this unique feature and enhance their developmental process.