iCare Software

We know what it's like to be a parent. We know what it's like to be a teacher. And we know that when the two work together, magic happens.

Real-time chat between teachers and parents allows you to build trust, strengthen relationships, and gain insights about your students.

Have an issue? Want to advise a parent? Or, tell them what an awesome job their child has done? ​


Instant Communication

Teachers instantly connect with parents to get advice, share information about a child's development, or discuss a child's milestones. The teacher-admin-parent chat in iCare is live and instantaneous.

iCare Chat can:

  • Ding your parents’ phones when new messages are there
  • Bookmark messages to not forget answering them
  • Provide a notification count for the number of unread messages.

Engaging Parents

iCare Chat is a simple and effective means to keep parents in touch with their children’s activities, learning, and development.

iCare Chat keeps both parents and teachers connected. Parents turn to teachers for advice on the academic development of their children. And teachers learn better about children’s behavioral requirements from parents.

Real-time chat gives a smooth and easy platform to interact and share information instantly. The information gathered can also serve as a summary of the behavioral history of children and help parents understand their needs better.

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