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Email & SMS Messaging

Better Parent Teacher Communication: So Vital to Your Success in so Many Ways

Keep parents informed with our quick and easy communication tools. With a few clicks any parent can be updated on their child's progress with access to class notes, photos, upcoming events and more.

Emails and SMS Messaging

iCare software to manage students enrollments


A fully integrated email system that automates notifications, alerts, and receipts. There are many templates to choose from, including automated notifications and reminders. The open/click status checks tell you if your message has been opened or clicked on by the recipient. Get things done and look professional with the iCare email formatter.

  • Individual and batch emails
  • Templates
  • Email/SMS log with open/click status
  • Automated email notifications for late payments, overdue medical records, etc.
  • Send attachments
  • Schedule the message for future

The following alerts will be sent out automatically if turned on and will also appear in the Admin Dashboard:

  • Absence Alert: Send SMS text to parent if child doesn’t arrive within 10 minutes of the scheduled time
  • Incomplete Immunizations: Reminder email will be sent to the parent 30 and 10 days before the next due date for each type of immunization shot
  • Renewal of Medical Records: Reminder email will be sent to the parent 30 and 10 days before the next due date for each type of medical record
  • Required Documents: Reminder email will be sent for Incomplete Electronic Documents
  • Late Payments: Send email reminder to parent if payment is late by 20 days
  • Registration Checklist: Children will not be activated until all registration requirements are complete
  • Child’s Arrival Announcement: Announce child’s check-in to the teacher. And, if not acknowledged by teacher in 5 minutes, then announce to admin

Nothing works better than a text message for urgent things needing immediate attention.

With iCare SMS it makes it free for you to send any number of text messages, and you’ll know whether your recipient has seen the message by checking your iCare dashboard.

  • Free SMS texting using AWS carrier-based SNS service
  • Unlimited Free SMS Texting
  • Individual or Group: Send messages to an individual or a group of any size
  • This feature requires parents’ and staff’s mobile numbers and carriers

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