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Empowering Your Staff – Putting information at your fingertips

As a childcare center administrator, you probably wish you could spend less time on administrative tasks and more time growing your business. What if you could show parents the value they are getting for their tuition with valuable metrics on what the kids learned? What if an invoice never went unpaid or incorrectly paid? What if automation for invoicing could give you back valuable time in your day and allow you to have flexible scheduling so your childcareu2019s schedule fit the schedule of your parents?

These questions can all be answered with childcare management software for your center. Itu2019s a simple change, but provides a true transformation for your day-to-day workload.

iCare Software provides reports and automation that will help your childcare operations this year and enable you to grow your company.

Transform your office and empower yourself with the following features from iCare Software:

  1. Ensure your center is getting paid with reports on credit cards that are about to expire. You can also see who hasnu2019t paid so you can invoice and collect funds from those clients without cross-referencing paperwork for attendance and schedules. This takes the headache out of collecting funds and lowers the time required from administrators to invoice.
  2. With reports, you can also see when children are leaving and enrolling in your childcare center. This helps you ensure you have the right staffing and keep enrollment at a high level to stay profitable. iCare can help you see your enrollment statistics based off actual times the child is at your childcare. This empowers you to see detailed information on flexibly scheduled children and part-time enrollment.
  3. You can set up dashboards to see data you care about. You can learn more about what photos resonate with parents by setting up reports for photos that get likes from parents or show all journal entries on a certain topic. This enables you to provide more value to your parents to ensure they keep their children enrolled with you.
  4. With journaling, you can showcase what a child has learned throughout the year at your childcare. Annually, you can pull journal notes and report to parents where the child was at the start of the year compared with where the child is now. This will further highlight the benefits of your childcare and create customer satisfaction with your parents that their children are enrolled at the right childcare.

The great thing about iCare’s Child Care Software is, you can set up a three-month trial without committing to the software. Learn more about iCare Software and how to put valuable data at your fingertips by visiting our website.

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