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Ways Your Childcare Center Can Be a Success In 2023

Childcare center year-end planning also requires some forward thinking. For the best success in 2023, you’ll need to put processes in place now that will keep enrollment full, avoid losing your best teachers, and build an effective budget that ensures strong financials. Steps to Childcare Center Success in 2023 To experience the greatest childcare center […]

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Manage your Time Better as a Childcare Director

Being a childcare director involves ample responsibility and millions of tiny tasks. Directors must ensure that teachers care for children while overseeing an entire business operation. The life of a childcare director is hectic, and finding time to get everything done can feel impossible.  Reading up on tips to manage your time better can aid […]

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Tips for Managing Classroom Behaviors

Teachers are tasked with planning and executing those lesson plans to deliver quality education. But a major variable in that process is the children’s classroom behavior. Just like adults, children have good days and bad days, and the teacher’s role is to ensure that even during the bad days, their behavior is not so disruptive […]

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7 Effective Classroom Management Strategies

The patience and incredible planning that preschool teachers undergo are nothing short of incredible. You’re hardworking, strategic, and keen on the tools and methods children need to grow.  Effective classroom management strategies will ensure children get the most out of the upcoming school year and that teachers feel organized and prepared for each class session. […]

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Improving Teachers’ Daily Productivity and Efficiency

The work that teachers do is incredible and so important. One project or discussion could be what opens the door to broader understanding or passing a developmental milestone for a child. And yet all that lesson planning and assessment review could put undue strain on a teacher to where they find themselves lesson planning in […]

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Giving parents more transparency

Parents want greater transparency into their child’s early education. Daycare is no longer just about a safe space for children while parents are at work. It’s also about supporting the child’s developmental milestones and sharing those through parent-teacher communication strategies. Learn how to improve your center’s communication skills and build better transparency to communicate to […]

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Ensuring a Secure Environment at Your Early Childcare Center

Parents expect their children to be safe and well cared for while attending an early childhood education center. Focusing on security measures is essential to protecting little ones and your staff. Centers must implement safety measures, including security cameras, door locks, and more, to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the facility. But you can’t just […]

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How to take your program to the next level

Getting out of the startup phase for your daycare is a great feeling. You have the proper staffing, you’re bringing in ample tuition payments to turn a profit, and things are running smoothly. But when it comes to daycare management, there’s always something you can do to improve your service and reach your full potential. […]

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How to Offer Quality Care as a Childcare Provider

You want to be the best business owner and childcare provider available. And that means providing exceptional service to your customers in the form of quality education for children and easy administration and communication for parents. You need to get parents to sing your praises, refer their friends, and spread the word about how great […]

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Boost Income by Focusing on Income-generating Tasks in Your Childcare Business

There will always be another task or improvement area for your childcare business. You can always get more training, improve curriculums or make minor tweaks to the classroom setting to create more dynamic learning environments. And while all these activities are essential and valuable, the most important aspects of your childcare business are income-generating tasks. […]

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