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The importance of back-to-school preparation

Back-to-school season brings with it many big feelings for both parents and students. For young children, it’s a big transition and change. And while it is often an exciting new adventure, it can be stressful as they leave the security of spending all day with family or loved ones.  As a preschool or early childhood […]

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Ideas for Celebrating 4th July at Your Center

The 4th of July is coming up fast! You can enjoy fun patriotic activities to get students in the spirit of things. Plus, since many families take vacations this time of year, it will be nice to break from the regular curriculum so that students don’t miss anything important. 4th of July Childcare Activities Have […]

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Ensuring a Secure Environment at Your Early Childcare Center

Parents expect their children to be safe and well cared for while attending an early childhood education center. Focusing on security measures is essential to protecting little ones and your staff. Centers must implement safety measures, including security cameras, door locks, and more, to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the facility. But you can’t just […]

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Celebrating Memorial Day at Your Child Care Center

Many people view Memorial Day as the start of the summer. But it has much more significant meaning than that. While you can’t get too deep into that meaning in the childcare classroom, you can help children understand that it has more to it than barbeques. When explaining Memorial Day to young children, it’s best […]

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How to Offer Quality Care as a Childcare Provider

You want to be the best business owner and childcare provider available. And that means providing exceptional service to your customers in the form of quality education for children and easy administration and communication for parents. You need to get parents to sing your praises, refer their friends, and spread the word about how great […]

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How Technology in Childcare Centers Enriches Learning

As our world becomes more technologically advanced, the child care industry needs to also keep up with the latest technologies. Many technologies used in child care centers enrich early learning experiences for young children. Technology also increases the efficiency of day-to-day functions, helps keep kids safe and boosts parent engagement and satisfaction.

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