Author: Rebekah Brately

Case Study: Robindell Private School implemented iCare Software’s flexible billing software to

Flexible billing software makes it easier for childcare centers to provide multiple program options that are attractive to parents. But […]

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Safe Halloween Activities for Preschoolers

Halloween activities can be tons of fun with preschoolers. Their eyes fill with wonder as they gaze upon pumpkins, cornfields […]

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Case Study: School Reduces Administrative Hours by 75%

We’ll demonstrate how Oakdale Private School went from 80 hours per week down to 20 using business rules for billing.  […]

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How a CCMS Can Help You Reduce Staff Turnover and Attract the Best Staff

Your teachers are your greatest asset. Classroom busy work and administrative tasks like attendance tracking and manual milestone tracking can […]

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Become A Paperless Center: Use A Teacher Parent Communication App

Daycare forms, daily summaries, field trip waivers – these are all items that you had to print and provide for […]

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Exceptional and Responsive Customer Service from the Best Child Care Software

Chatbots and artificial intelligence are taking over the customer service industry. According to HubSpot, these tools are some of the top […]

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Make the CACFP Easier Through iCare Software

If your childcare center provides snacks and meals to your students, you could be leaving money from the Child and Adult […]

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Focus on Building Parent Relationships Instead of Paperwork Using a Childcare CRM

First impressions make a big difference. So when you meet with prospective parents or parents who are ready to enroll […]

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