What to Look for in Child Care Software

No one wants to deal with buyer’s remorse. Especially when the purchase is as important as child care software. But knowing what’s important in software can feel daunting at first. There are so many options available on the market at this point. Using our more than 20 years of childcare center management experience, we’ve created a guide […]

Mood Tracker Basics for Preschools and Daycares

How a child is feeling can impact the kind of day they’ll have. Whether they’re feeling happy, anxious, nervous or excited, you can start teaching emotional intelligence using a mood tracker. Not only that, but mood tracking also keeps parents informed about what’s happening with their child throughout the day.  Effective parent communication can help […]

How to Run a Successful Daycare Business: Tips to Increase Subsidies

iCare Journal Templates Customized by State There’s a very fine line between profitability and financial hardships when it comes to how to run a successful daycare business. Accurate documentation, billing and invoicing are all crucial in ensuring your success. Early childhood education software can be a huge asset. Documenting developmental milestones plays two important roles […]

Successful Parent-teacher Communication for Childcares

There’s so much in flux for the childcare and education industry right now. From changes in teacher-child ratios to adapting check-in and pickup procedures, your childcare center must have a plan for parent-teacher communication.  We’ll guide you through what you should be communicating in these early weeks of the new school year so you set […]

Flexible Schedule Management Through Childcare Software To Improve Margins

Running a profitable childcare center is certainly not easy. Filling unfilled attendance spots means more revenue. But it also makes staffing more complicated because you can over schedule staff and lose revenue. The right balance is tricky. However childcare scheduling software is opening the door to make flexible schedule management simple and cost-effective. Back to […]

Contactless Child Check-in Software for the Pandemic

A few months ago, people didn’t think much about touching the same screens. We gladly used the same pens as other people to sign a form. The coronavirus pandemic has changed this comfort level of community screens and pens.   CDC recommendations for childcare centers include as little contact inside the center as possible. This puts strains […]

Childcare Center Management: How To Plan For A Healthy Year

Prepare for the upcoming school year with childcare center management tips and a daycare strategic plan to protect students, parents and staff from COVID-19.

How to increase enrollment in daycare during slow economic times

At the start of the year, the childcare industry was thriving right alongside the economy. But as the year progressed, changes to everyday business practices in the fight to curb the coronavirus caused the economy to suffer and childcare businesses were no exception. It requires these businesses get creative about how to increase enrollment in […]

Online Preschool Software: iCare Virtual Classroom vs. Zoom Meetings

The coronavirus pandemic has threatened to upend the childcare system. And after a few months of closures or online teaching, some preschools, Montessori centers and other childcare centers are concerned for the future of their business. Many have turned to online preschool software to continue billing tuition and maintaining relationships with parents. iCare Software recently […]

5 important steps to prepare your childcare center for summer break

Summer break is right around the corner. In some parts of the country, challenges surrounding the coronavirus outbreak have led to decreased attendance or entire center closures. It’s certainly been a challenging year for education and other types of businesses. But summer is still on the horizon and offers something for children to look forward […]