Contactless Child Check-in Software for the Pandemic

A few months ago, people didn’t think much about touching the same screens. We gladly used the same pens as other people to sign a form. The coronavirus pandemic has changed this comfort level of community screens and pens.   CDC recommendations for childcare centers include as little contact inside the center as possible. This puts strains …

6 areas of your childcare iCare Software transforms

Adding childcare management software or making a change to your software is not an easy or small decision. That’s why the team at iCare Software puts so much thought and care into the product that we provide to childcares, preschools, Montessori centers and other centers offering care. We firmly believe that iCare will impact your …

Challenges Facing Childcare Centers. Hint, It All Comes Down to Software and Technology

The challenges facing childcare centers are vast. Childcare centers face fierce competition from other centers in their area and changes in the industry. This includes parents working at home or using in-home daycare options. The ever-changing marketplace makes it difficult for centers to  meet their financial responsibilities and execute strong communication and operational goals. As …

Preschool Attendance Software for Accurate Attendance Tracking at your Childcare Center

Attendance tracking may be the most important aspect of your childcare center. Don’t believe us? Read our recent blog post: Why attendance tracking could be the most important thing you do all day. With that in mind, how you track attendance is essential to your childcare center’s success.

Why attendance tracking could be the most important thing you do all day

Attendance tracking at your childcare center is required by law. You may find it one of the most exhausting parts of your day, but it could be the most important thing you do for the success and livelihood of your business.

From the moment they drop their child off at your facility to the moment they walk out with that child on their hip at day’s end, parents entrust the safety and well-being of their little one to you. It is your job to document and prove when a child is and is not under your care and here are the top reasons why.